Montserrado District #11 Rep. Richard Koon Holds Engagement, Public Assessment Forum.

By Randall George

Rep. Richard Koon

As part of his responsibilities to the district, Montserrado County District #11 lawmaker, Representative Richard N. Koon on Saturday, July 17 held a one-day engagement and assessment forum for his constituents.

The forum brought together leaders and representatives from the 54 communities in the district to discuss issues of the district including COVID-19 prevented approach, Strategies to curtail the high wave of criminal activities in the district, and the Establishment of War and Economic Crime Court in Liberia.

Making remarks and also doing a powerpoint presentation at the program, the district lawmaker told his constituents that his promise made to them about the elevation of the two Junior High public schools in the district have completed.

According to Representative Koon, Dixville Junior High School and Barnersville Public School are been upgraded to the status of a Senior high school through his lobbying with the Ministry of Education.

Speaking further, Representative Koon noted that in addition to the elevation of these schools to senior high, his team has also constructed another edifice costing ninety thousand United States Dollars.

Meanwhile, Representative Koon is also challenging would-be contestants in the upcoming district election in 2023 to compete with him in working for district.

According to the Lawmaker, prior to his ascendancy to the district hot seat, he was working on the construction of a market (Kelbah market), and other projects.


Serving as lead discussant on the establishment of a war and economic crimes court in Liberia, ESQ. Associate Dean and Assistant Professor Of Law at the University of Liberia Cllr. Kphadeson Sumo said when the Truth And Reconciliation Commission (TRC) made its recommendations based on findings, four of the nine commissioners did not sign the report.

Cllr. Sumo further narrated that due to the four commissioners not signing, the TRC report was closely contested as to whether it could be held as a majority opinion.

The UL Associate Professor of Law explained that in the practice of law, when an opinion is so close in the case of a vote, any side can decide the difference.

“TRC was commissioned, to receive information, research, find out on their own, and come back with recommendations”. Cllr Sumo narrated.


For his Part, the newly appointed commander of Zone 4, Depot 1, Inspector Rahim Kromah of the Liberia National Police, told the gathering that since he took over as a commander, he has observed that most of the alleged criminals are directly from the neighborhoods.

The Liberia National Police commander further told the well-attended gathering that individuals connected to the alleged criminals including Parents, Siblings, and other relatives are dwellers of the communities.

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