LIBERIA: Lonestar Cell Mtn Brings Its Services To The People

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Lonestar Cell MTN’s services are now mobile in Monrovia. Liberia’s leading telecommunications company is bringing its services to customers in their communities with the Lonestar Cell MTN Kekeh.

The yellow Lonestar Cell MTN branded kekeh has a specially designed customer service window to engage customers and conduct transactions.

A customer experience representative sitting behind the window can register or swap SIM Cards, conduct Mobile Money cash-in and cash-out transactions, activate data, reset mobile money PINs, and more. Customers can even purchase scratch cards, routers, and cell phones during visits.

Thomas I. Findley, the company’s Customer Experience Manager, said, “Our challenge was providing service to valued customers who can’t get to our service centers during the working week. So, we decided to bring our services to them.”

 Each day Lonestar Cell MTN’s Kekeh travels to Sinkor and other Monrovia communities including, Somalia Drive, Congo Two, Duala, Vai Town, Matadi, New Georgia, and Barndersville Estates, to serve its customers.  The news service began operations three weeks ago and has helped nearly 500 customers with their transactions and purchases. 

On a recent visit to the Old Road/Joe Bah Market area, the Customer

Experience Representative provided services to some United Brotherhood Motorcyclist Association (UBMA) members.

This Association boosts over 200 motorcyclists. UMBA President, Ritchie Smith, said that he was happy about the Lonestar Cell MTN Services on the Go. Because the mobile service came to the area, Mr. Smith became a new customer.

He purchased and registered his new Lonestar Cell MTN SIM card at the Kekeh.

“I work from 5 am to 10 pm. I don’t have the time to go to the Lonestar Cell MTN Service Center. It’s a far distance. I am happy that the company brought their services to me, here at the motorbike parking.

Lonestar Cell MTN Chief Executive Officer Rahul De said, “Our ambition is to make our customers live a modern and connective life. So, we create relevant and practical solutions that provide great service and convenience to our loyal customers. We will go everywhere our customers are to ensure they are connected.”

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