LIBERIA: Lawmaker To Submit Bill For Corruption To Be A Non-Bailable Offence

Rep Edward Flono

As corruption continues to derail the growth and development of Liberia, while those involved have resolved to live with the cultural of impunity, a member of the House of Representatives for Montserrado County District # 13, Edward Flomo has resolved to submit a Bill in the House calling for corrupt officials not to have freedom, and be punished for their doings.

Speaking to reporters recently in Monrovia when he delivered his legislative report to his people in the District, the Montserrado County lawmaker disclosed plans to introduce a legislation, which will make the crime of corruption to be non-bailable offence, if passed by the Legislature.

Representative Flomo also noted that would also ensure that in the budget there are allotments to cater to and improve the mental health sector as well as a policy to ensure the presence qualified teachers in each classroom across the country.

According to him, the 2nd Session of the 54th Legislature ended with great economic challenges; hence it is important they work in this Session so as to solve some of the problems they were faced with as a district and country.

He said every Session of the Legislature provides them (lawmakers), the opportunity to improve the livelihood of their people or constituents. The Montserrado County lawmaker reported that during the last Session, he signed on a Resolution on dual citizenship as well as many other instruments.

Hence, Representative Flomo noted that this session will provide a pathway to success and will serve as a basis for the improvement of the lives of the people; as he and his colleagues have started to come out with informed decisions to improve the livelihood of their people.

“Not everything I want will happen across the floor, but again this require continual engagements and peers consultations,” the Montserrado District 13 lawmaker argued.

At the district level, Representative Flomo said it is a wakeup call for every citizen join hands in the forward march of the district by firstly reconciling with another regardless of their political differences and as well jointly help improve communities through a thoughtful peace and reconciliation process; thereby promoting and creating a “Green” environment to enhance healthiness and sanitation.

He vowed to work with community based organizations across the district, community leaders to support youth initiatives so as to ensure they deliver on their dream through the provision of education, health small skill businesses, small large skill enterprise, sports and entertainments.

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