LIBERIA: Labour Ministry Revoked Work Permits Of Several Foreign Employees At DEKO Mining Company


In keeping with Regulation #17, of the Ministry of Labour, the Ministry has with immediate effect revoked the Work Permit of the twenty-five (25) foreign workers and the denied applications of the twenty-nine (29) of DEKO Mining Company operating in Grand Cape County.

In a communication to the company signed by Labour Minister, Cllr. Charles H. Gibson said that following the conclusion of its first phase of investigation into numerous allegation of the company’s process of acquiring work permits for its foreign workers through misrepresentation and fraud; thereby depriving many Liberians of the opportunity to apply for these vacancies as they obtained.

The Ministry said that investigation revealed several evidence of foreign workers are driving trucks, operating forklifts, repairing tyres, serving as fuel pump attendants, etc., for which the Ministry is not aware of ever approving work permits for foreigners to work in these areas noted above.

The Labour Ministry said that it note and appreciate the company’s cooperation during the investigation by honest disclosure and explanation of some constraints faced the company and actions taken to avoid conflict with the local community in it operate.

“However, for the purpose of correction and deterrence, and to secure the interest of thousands of qualified Liberians who are unemployed, are constraints to take some drastic actions. Regulation #17 of the Ministry of Labour provides that where a work permit is acquired through misrepresentation or fraud the same should be revoked by the Minister of Labour.

The same Regulation also provides that where an employer is found utilizing the services of foreign workers within its employed without valid work permit, the employer should be fined US$2,000.00 (Two Thousand United States Dollars) and the illegal employee fined US$1,000.00 (One Thousand Dollars).

Accordingly, the work permit of twenty-five (25) of your foreign workers, as per the attached list, are thereby revoked! However, to avoid a shot down in ongoing operations and provide time for recruitment to them replaced by qualified Liberians, this revocation order shall become effective as of mid-night July 31, 2021.”

“Additionally, amongst your pending applications for works permits, twenty-nine (29) foreigners to work as (Mercedes Trainer) are hereby denied. You are advised to utilize the services of Liberian registered driving schools to train your truck works. We will however be disposed to approve work permits for few of your driver trainers to enhance cooperation between your company and locally registered driving schools.

Because of your cooperation during investigation we will suspend imposing the full weight of requisite fines as we observe your compliance with this decision and mandate of the Ministry of Labour. A fine of US$10,000.00 (Ten Thousand United States Dollars) is hereby imposed, which amount should be paid into Government’s Revenue account within one week as to the date of this order.

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