LIBERIA: June 7 Nightmare Creeps On Monrovia, As Liberians Ponder Over Its Outcome

Residents of Monrovia, one of Africa’s oldest cities is becoming by the day to be a place of ‘Talk About’ as Liberians gathered at workplaces, entertainment centers and even at schools nauseating the upcoming June 7, 2019 Save the State Protest, and its outcome.

GNN Liberia sampling survey conducted and posted on its site ( has gathered that 67% of Liberians spoken to are calling for the protest, while 33% are rejecting the staging of such protest, the complicity of thus protest is said to be towards calling on the Liberian leader and the CDC-led Government the correct those mistakes that have affected the people of Liberia.

The organizers are hoping to send a clear message to Liberian President George Manneh Weah to wake up to the unfolding realities in the country he inherited last January, while the economic outlook is becoming gloomy, the exchange rate keeps climbing and more and more Liberians growing increasingly angry about the way things are turning out, as the second year under the Weah-led government winds down.

The protest organizers under the banner, Council of Patriots, and those against it appear to be headed for an irreversible collision course over the motives and intent, while at the same time, those against the protest are claiming that members of the opposition are using the protest to wreak havoc and force President Weah to step down, long before his first term comes to an end.

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