LIBERIA: JCFMB Chairperson Appeals To President Weah To Accelerate And Approve Solway Mining MDA

Saye Thomson, Chairman, Joint Community Forest Body

The Chairman of the Joint Committee Management Forest Body, Saye Thompson is calling on the Liberian Government to accelerate the approval of the Solway Mining Incorporated Mineral Development Agreement (MDA), noting that the people of the affected communities are feeling the impact of the company due to its numerous community projects been undertaken.

“I am impressed with the level support Solway Mining is giving our people as compared to the other company that only dealt with the to tops in government, but with this company it has created a playing level field between the locals and itself; I am indeed impressed”, Chairman Thompson speaking to reporter in Sanniquellie, Nimba County today, July 2, 2022 noted.

Speaking further, Mr. Thompson said he grade the company (Solway Mining) 98% for the level of work, and support it has given the communities from where it is operating in the absence of government approved Mineral Development Agreement (MDA), I believed it will do better for the people when this MDA is signed into law”, he said.

Mr. Thompson was speaking during the disclosure of the Community 2%, and the launch of the BCP vocational programs; the Agriculture and tailoring training program that have absorbed dozens of men and women who are desire of leaning skills to improving their livelihood.

He disclosed that the forests in question are owned by the locals, and therefore, they have the rights to call on their government to see reason in allow a company that have the interest of the people at heart, “We are urgently calling on the authorities concerned to prevail on the Liberian Chief Executive to speedily sign this into law”, he told our reporter in Nimba.

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