Liberia Grasp With Mirth On President Weah’s Latest Musical Album, ‘Mr. Liar Man’

George Manneh Weah

“This President is musically and soccer wise talented, he must be lauded for that, but the other way around he’s not,” Josiah Tucker, a political activist, speaking to the GNN after listening to the Liberian Leader, President George Weah’s latest musical album, ‘Mr. Liar Man’ on a local radio station critiqued.

“President Weah is spending more time making music than paying attention to the governance of Liberia making our Country to be like a mirth among the comity of nations, this President must slowdown on his musical thrill”, Madam Amelia Walker, a resident of Central Monrovia in a chat with the GNN noted.

“I was very excited during President Weah’s first music on the prevention of COVID-19, this song made headway, and was accepted on the international scene, it also made me proud for our President’s thoughtfulness regarding the danger this virus poses to the human existence. But this other one, ‘Mr. Liar Man’ for me it has no meaning, it seems that the President is throwing hints at the opposition,” Nathaniel Kiazolu who claimed to be a student of the state university, the University of Liberia speaking to the GNN said.

Also speaking to the GNN over the weekend on the latest musical release of the Liberian leader, some members of the ruling party, the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC), expressed gratitude to their chief patron for the song, noting, that he is using songs to blast on the opposition who thinks the President is not doing well to govern Liberia well, despite his effort in the growth and development of Liberia,” Esther Q. Walker who claimed to be a ‘diehard’ member of the ruling party in a chat with our staff said.

Several others who spoke to our staff lauded the President for using his songs for they called to ‘Deal with the oppositions’, stating that as a sitting president he has all rights to do what he feels is good for the nation, but such insinuation was debunked by some political activists who said the President is not just an ordinary president but for the Liberian people, and he must perform in accordance to the way of the people as been required by the constitution.

The President’s latest music has taken the airwaves of most radio stations in Monrovia and other parts of the Country with listeners wondering as to what he means by ‘Mr. Lair Man’, the guess is also for everyone.

Joel Cholo Brooks writes

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