LIBERIA: FLY 2nd Vice President Miss   Elliott Gets Huge Endorsement Youth-Led Congress  

By Dyujay Jackson

Youth-led organisations within the federation of Liberia Youth on Sunday, April 17, 2022 at the headquarters of the Union of Conscious African Incorporated  in Monrovia endorsed the presidential candidate bid of the current 2nd Vice President of  FLY, Ms. Benica Stephenie Elliott for the upcoming General Congress  scheduled  to be held at the end of the April in Greenville , Sinoe County.

Speaking on behalf of the youth-led organisations, the executive director of the youth alliance for life-skills and vice president for the affiliation of women and child right activates,  Aaron Ireland said they have bine their voices, and to  draw the  attention of the public their firm positions and stands on the pending general congresses of FLY.

Mr. Ireland disclosed that approximately twenty  organisations within the federation under the banner youth-led organisations has with one view sort out the importance of electing the current second vice president of the Federation of Liberian Youth, Ms. Elliott as president of the Federation of Liberian Youth.

“We hold the views collectively that, after many years of establishment of the national youth body, the Federation of Liberian Youth (FLY), a new dawn void of anti-progressivism, constant backwardness, and the mass influence and manipulation of active political figures, must be birthed. ” He maintained

Ireland continued by disclosing that the heads and young leaders have endorse the candidancy  of Ms. Banica Stephenie Elliott for President of the Federation of Liberian Youth (FLY); and her entire team of aspirants.

He stated that the character within Ms. Elliott has the potential to transform the Federation to the modern day reality.

“We know this young lady, and can vouch for her person any day. She has stood the test of times, and is best suited at this time to lead the national youth organization to higher heights and esteem glories.”

He further stated that Ms. Elliott as 2nd Vice President of the Federation has contributed greatly  to the well-being of FLY and if elected as president, the Federation stands a better position to move forward.

“We do not say these out of sympathy, for this young woman. The Federation of Liberian Youth (FLY) at this time need a President like her and a leadership like her team.

Ms. Elliott as 2nd Vice President at FLY has led and propose serious changes to the forward-march of the institution over the last three (3) years while in office.”

Outlining her contribution to the Federation, he stated that Ms. Elliott served and represented this country both at home and abroad;

Sshe served as  Adolescent Communication Director, Ministry of Youth and Sport (MOYS), RL; Youth Assistant, Cavalla Rubber Corporation;

Peace Mediator, Folke Bernadotte Academy (Sweden); Diplomat, International Youth Diplomacy

Conference (Ghana), Youth Representative, UN Climate Change Conference (COP26, Glasgow,

United Kingdom); Fellow, Young Political Leadership School Africa (YPLSA) and Getting Ready To Lead (Government of United States of America – National Democratic Institute (NDI)); amongst many others.

Mr. Ireland concluded by revealing the endorsement is the moral obligation of the  heads and youth leaders of this generation to cast.

“We refuse to sit idly and allows this elections and congresses to pass without us making a statement and taking a position befitting of us, our peers, and the generation that look up to us. We are in this process and in it with our all.

To all delegates of FLY’s upcoming elections, keep Ms. Banica Stephenie Elliott in your mind as President, Federation of Liberians Youth (FLY).

She represents the change you have longed sort after and aspired for.”

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