LIBERIA: Dozens Liberian Women Still In ‘Hell’, Trapped In Oman Reportedly Undergoing Inhumane Treatment

According to OK FM Liberia investigation, dozens of Liberian women are still trapped in Oman and undergoing inhumane treatment, as one of those who returned-calls for government immediate interventions.

The radio station said, one of the Liberian women trafficked to the Arab state of Oman has explained the horrible conditions she faced, and the alleged bad treatment meted against other women who are still in that country.

The woman, who begged not to be named for fear of stigmatization explained how she was been kept in house by her masters and subjected to harsh treatments.

According to her, Oman nationals madly treated her as there was no way to escape; because her passport and other relevant documents were taken away by her agents who have gone to the airport to receive her.

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