Court Detains Nigerian Pastor For Alleged Rape, Kidnapping Of Girl, 15

The Monrovia City Court on Monday incarcerated a thirty-one year-old Nigerian Pastor for allegedly raping, kidnapping and trafficking a 15 year-old girl in early 2018.

Defendant Revival Wobo Sam, a resident of the Caldwell Community, was on January 7 arrested by police based upon a complaint filed by the girl’s mother, alleging that her daughter was sexually abused by the Pastor after she was taken to him for “deliverance.”

The Police charge sheet stated that the defendant is the Pastor of a Prayer Revival Group located in Dixville, which the victim and her parents are members.

The report said the victim (whose named is being withheld) had been having series of “bad dreams” which could not permit her to sleep.

So her parents told the pastor to pray for her, bringing the victim in close contact with the pastor.

Defendant Sam was on Monday arraigned before the court to answer to the multiple charges levied against him.

The Police charge sheet indicated that the pastor told the parents to allow the girl stay with him to conduct a deliverance process for her.

The charge sheet said the parents agreed to the pastor’s request for their daughter to stay with him.

Later, they were not satisfied with the decision and requested their daughter to return home, but the pastor refused and decided to process the victim’s documents to enable them travel to Nigeria without the consent of the parents.

The Police charge sheet noted that after the parents got the tip-off, they proceeded to Nigeria with the help of one of a family member who lives in that country, and were able to bring back the victim and the defendant to Liberia.

The victim is now five months pregnant allegedly for the pastor.

During police investigation, the victim admitted that she was sexually abused by the pastor after she was taken to his house for “deliverance,” and the pastor told her not to tell anybody, so that they could travel to Nigeria.

The defendant admitted to the crime of rape, the police record stated.

Meanwhile, the defendant has been incarcerated at the Monrovia Central Prison pending trial.


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