LIBERIA: Cllr. Brumskine Discloses US$20 Million Loan Scheme For Women – As She Receives Endorsement

The Vice Standard Bearer of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP), Counsellor Charlyne Brumskine, has revealed a US$20 million micro-loan scheme for Liberian business women within the first 100 days of a CPP leadership come October 10.

Counsellor Brumskine assured maximum women participation and representation in all spheres of the country’s socio-economic and political life.

The CPP Vice Standard Bearer made the disclosures when she received a petition of endorsement by the Successful Women Organization of Liberia (SWOL) on Monday June 19.

Counsellor Brumskine expressed delight and honor for her endorsement by the women group and said it is an inspiration for the younger generation to rise up and join in the CPP political struggle for genuine change in Liberia.

The Successful Women Organization, an accomplished women’s organization, has membership across the 15 political subdivisions of Liberia, working with other women axuallies for economic empowerment of women nationwide.

Accepting the endorsement, Cllr. Brumskine emphasized the importance of women’s representation in the political and economic sectors of Liberia and vowed to champion the cause of women for economic empowerment, full participation in governance, and equal opportunities under the CPP Government.

She said strong female participation at the highest echelon of government will motivate women today and help pave the way for future generations of women to succeed.

Counsellor Brumskine promised that upon the CPP election, she will advocate for gender equality and ensure that the voices of women are heard and valued in decision making.

She expressed gratitude to members and the leadership of the Successful Women Organisation for the show of support and solidarity by her endorsement and also their dedication to advancing the cause on women in Liberia.

The CPP Vice Standard Bearer also  used the occasion to frown on the proliferation of dangerous drugs, and the lack of any hope that the CDC government will stamp it out any time soon.

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