LIBERIA: Chief Justice Korkpor warns LMA Against Protesting on Temple of Justice grounds

Liberia’s Supreme Court Chief Justice, Francis Korkpor
Liberia’s Supreme Court Chief Justice, Francis Korkpor

Liberia’s Supreme Court Chief Justice Francis S. Korkpor has warned members of the Liberia Marketing Association (LMA) to stop staging protests on the grounds of the Temple of Justice.

“It is not good that whenever you have cases before court, then you come to stage protest while courts are in session. Please do not do it again,’ Chief Justice Korkpor emphasized.

“This place is a place of law, so you cannot come to disturb the courts; you cannot come with potatoes green, pepper, cassava leafs, and start to spread it on the floor seeking justice. This is not the way people seek justice by staging protest” Korkpor stressed.

There were series of protests staged by marketers on the grounds of the Temple of Justice due to the delay of the high court three months ago in hearing a case involving the Liberia Marketing Association and the Vice president of Liberia.

The marketers’ protests, among other things, called for speedy judgment from the High Court on the matter as well as free, fair and impartial trail void of political pressure or influence from any quarter.

And so they came in an angry mood spreading potatoes greens, cassava leafs, peppers, and other farm produce, chanting “we want justice”, we want justice!!”

Justice Korkpor further frowned on members of the Liberia Marketing Association, saying that “from your behavior, you have made us to turn against you, because you have already sold us to the public.”

“So if we bring any ruling against or in favor of your, others will say it is because of the pressure you put on us that made us to rule in your favor or against you, but that is not case,” the Chief Justice observed.

Chief Justice Korkpor sounded the warning Thursday when the court had to rule in an appeal into the case LMA versus Office of the Vice President.

Chief Korkpor announced Justice Yussif D. Kaba as the Justice-in-Chamber while Justice Sie-A-Nyene G. Yuoh will steer the affairs of the Supreme Court which the apex court in a break.

He further stated that all of the cases the court entertained arguments in will be those that the court will hand down ruling in as it takes its constitutional break.

Meanwhile, Chief Justice Korkpor has ordered the Clerk of Court to send a communication to President George M. Weah along with the House Speaker, Senate Pro-Tempore informing them that the Court has adjourned its March Term to reopen on the second Monday in October 2019.


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