Liberia appoints Onoharigho, as Deputy Ship Registrar

The Liberian Maritime Authority has appointed the president of Nigerian Institute of Shipping (NIS) Capt Anthony Onoharigho, who is the Chief Executive Officer of Lobster Marine Consulting Nigeria Limited as the Deputy Registrar of the Liberian flag.

The appointment was contained in a letter dated August 16, 2019 with reference number LIMA/COM/DC/DVRS/L 097 19 and signed by Mr. Charles Gono Jrn.

The Liberian authorities granted Capt Onoharigho position of Deputy Registrar for vessel under 500 gross tons flying the Liberian flag, and for him to issue appropriate certificate accordingly.

The letter reads in part, “Reference to your application September 17, 2017 on the above subject matter herein. I am directed by the Commissioner of the Liberia Maritime Authority to convey to you the approval of the Liberia Maritime Authority authorizing you as Deputy Registrar for vessel under 500 gross tons flying the Liberian flag, and issue appropriate certificate accordingly”

“Records relating to vessels and statutory certificates and other documents which are entitled to recordation issued shall be forwarded to the Office of the Commissioner of the Liberia Maritime Authority in Monrovia, and at the Office of the Deputy Commissioner where there shall be recorded or filed in properly indexed public registers.”

Speaking on the appointment, Capt Anthony Onoharigho said the appointment was a nice one because it would enable me to put Nigeria crew onboard and create employment. He therefore, urged the Federal Government should look inward as to regulate the maritime industry by allowing NIMASA to operate open registry and also create a deputy registrar in other part of the world whereby they can put vessel in Nigeria flag like it is being done in Liberia.

According to him, “they can put Nigeria flag in Holland and give them flag to fly. You cannot see any foreign vessel flying Nigerian flag because we are operating a closed registry. Togo operates open registry and make money from vessels and Liberia operates open registry and make money. Only Nigeria and Ghana operating closed registry in Africa.”

“Right now, what they are going to do in Liberia now, I will open offices round the Africa, I will have agent, if you have a vessel that wants to go into Liberia flag, I will do the survey, the registration and I will issue flag certificate for them. They pay me money and I will pay Liberia.”

Source:  The Sun

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