Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission Poised To Make Final Report On US$25m Mop Up Exercise

The Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission (LACC) Executive Director, Atty. Mohanmmed E. Fahnbulleh, has disclosed that in three weeks the LACC will make a final report on the US$25 million mop up exercise by the Central Bank of Liberia to address the issue of excess liquidity on the local market.

Fahnbulleh, addressing the regular press briefing of MICAT, stated that the last batch of documents that were needed to complete the process of the investigation got into the possession of the LACC late October.

The US$25 million infusion was announced in President George Manneh Weah’s first nationwide address on the state of the economy in July last year.

Among several measures, he mentioned that the infusion was intended to help put the economy back on track. He said he would ensure “an immediate infusion by the Central Bank of US$25 million into the economy to mop up the excess liquidity of Liberian dollars.”

The pronouncement was made at a time when the economy was in a free fall and no one could deny the hardship the people were faced with.

In his continued effort to ensure transparency and accountability in government, President Weah authorized the conduct of the probe in March following an initial investigation.

Meanwhile, Fahnbulleh has pointed out that LACC recently conducted surveillance on the Liberia National Police (LNP) in order to know the level of corruption taking place within the LNP.

He mentioned that the LACC will do a presentation to the LNP to see what intervention they can make in reducing the act of corruption within their entity.

“As a country and people, we complain about lack of resources to carry on government programs, and most of us who are employees and actors, we compromise things that will raise revenue.

“Take for example, the many drivers without license that are parading the street without charge, including government officials who violate the traffic law without giving them tickets,” Fahnbulleh said.

However, Fahnbulleh mentioned that LACC is faced with some challenges in the fight against corruption, saying the Commission is lacking adequate laws to backup witnesses in times of testifying.

Fahnbulleh stated that people who testified during the investigation process are afraid to come in public to testify when the case is in court.

Meanwhile, the LACC official appreciated President George Weah for submitting the witness protection bill to the National Legislature which is waiting to be passed into law.

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