LIBERIA: AML Donates Motorcycles to Three Community Forest Groups in Nimba

New bikes donated by ArcelorMittal Liberia to three Community Forest Management Bodies in Nimba County.

ArcelorMittal Liberia through its Biodiversity Conservation Program has donated motorcycles to three Community Forest Management Bodies in Nimba.

Representatives from the three forest groups in Zor, Blei, and Gba communities received a motorcycle, each, on Friday, recently at a presentation ceremony at AML’s Environment Department in Yekepa.

During the presentation, AML Superintendent for Biodiversity Conservation, Forkpayea Gbelee recalled that the community forest groups have faced constraints with getting to meetings and presenting reports in time, due to the challenge of lack of a convenient means of transportation.

With the three motorcycles now provided to the chief officers of the groups, Gbelee expressed the hope that the community forest groups will now be more effective.

“We are hoping that the provision of these motorcycles will help you to deliver your data sheets on time and come to meeting on time. We also want you to go out in the field to get the Forest Guards on time,” he said.

Alvin Poure, manager of AML Environmental Department presents the keys to the motorbikes.

He also advised the chief officers to use the motorcycles provided to them for the purpose they are intended.

Please use these motorcycles for the intended purposes. We do not want to hear that you take the motorcycle to go to Gehyeepa, or to transport your wife to the market in Karnplay. They are not to be used for such purposes,” he said.

Speaking on behalf of Bob Saye who chairs the Community Forest Management Body, the Chief Officer of the Blei Community Forest, Joe Dayee acknowledged that the ArcelorMittal Liberia has been proactive in supporting community forest groups regularly, and added that the provision of the motorbikes was just a continuation of the unending support.

Dayee concurred that there have been constraints in the forest management, especially with mobility, and that the support of ArcelorMittal is a great relief to them.

At the same time, Alvin Poure, manager of AML Environmental Department informed recipients of the motorcycles that the company was glad to identify with them, in mitigating their challenges.

With its mission statement of “Transforming Tomorrow”, Poure said AML is committed to the protection of the environment, for the current and future generations. In so doing, he said the company will do its best to ensure that the forest is not destroyed, as it could create problems for the future.

The donation was the third time AML through its biodiversity conservation program has donated motorcycles to groups whose works involve the environment.

Three AG Yamaha and four TVS bikes were donated on separate occasions to the Co-management Committee of the East Nimba Nature Reserve (ENNR) a few years ago.

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