LIBERIA: After Weeks Of Darkness At The Capitol Building, LEC Finally Restored Electricity Supply

Capitol Building, the home of the Liberian Lawmakers

The Liberia Electricity Corporation (LEC) is delighted to announce the full restoration of electricity supply to the Capitol Building on Wednesday, 10th of July, after the installation of a new 1500 KVA transformer on the 9th of July. The Capitol Building previously had a 1000kVA transformer installed but due to the addition of two annexes to the main structure, the installed capacity could no longer withstand the increased load. This prompted the National Legislature to write the LEC on August 30, 2018 requesting the procurement, transportation and installation of a 1500 KVA transformer.

Liberia Electricity Corporation immediately commenced a procurement process for a new transformer that would accommodate the Capitol Building at full load. The new transformer was delivered and installed at a cost of US$ 48,896 and supply restored on 11th July 2109.

The LEC is extremely grateful to the National Legislature for the level of support and cooperation throughout the process leading to the procurement and subsequent restoration of electricity supply to the Capitol Building.

LEC is also grateful for the understanding and forbearance of its paying customers, in communities without electricity due to faulty transformers, and asks for their continued understanding as we continue with the process of replacing the transformers and restoring of electricity supply, according to a press release from the LEC noted.

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