Legislative Information Service Congratulates President-elect Joseph Nyumah Boakai

The knowledge-based information center at the Liberian Legislature, that is, the Legislative Information Service (LIS), wholeheartedly congratulates President-elect Joseph Nyumah Boakai. It is certainly a hard fought, tough-winning and well-deserved victory.

Liberians who have had some kind of working interactions and experiences with Deacon Boakai can vouch confidently of his discipline and inspirational life style. The Legislative Information Service is one public organ that can attest to this. We interacted with the President-elect when he served as President of the Liberian Senate. On April 27, 2011, the opening day of the information center, the President of the Senate delivered the keynote address and performed the ribbon cutting ceremony. He spoke at nearly half a dozen functions of the LIS, and interacted with staffs multiple times. Following inauguration of the LIS, he attended every single function of the department to which he was invited.

During his time with the center at different intervals, he was fond of advising staffers of the department to be and remain professional at best and always, no matter the challenges. The former Senate President, Ambassador Boakai was indeed a true friend to the knowledge-based information center. It can be recalled he personally handed an “appreciation envelop” to one of our staff colleagues, Mr. Ernest Togba, who was honored as the most dedicated and serviceable staff member that year. Such was a show of support, gratitude and motivation, which inspired the rest of us.

Credited with 40 years (1983-2023) of public service with no corruption taint, and most importantly, having the fear of God (serving as a Deacon in his home church) one can be confident that Deacon Boakai will commence governance of the country on a strong anti-corruption footing. Any Liberian leader who expressly and satisfactorily combats corruption, fraud, greed, waste and abuse while promoting transparency, accountability, openness and integrity, will definitely win overwhelming broad-based admiration and confidence of the people; something we believe the President-elect is committed to as evidenced by his lifelong humble and non-extravagant lifestyle.

Honest combat against corruption and genuine promotion of integrity in any society definitely contribute significantly to improved economic viability and stability. This is because stolen resources no longer end up in the pockets of a few; rather, available for judicious and discreet spending with the aim of ensuring greatest good for the greatest number. Improvements in livelihood arising out of stern anti-corruption measures while at the same time maintaining peace engender happy citizens.

The LIS extends heartfelt appreciation to the Liberian people for their resilience and determination to be peaceful and upgrade their democratic credentials. We call on all citizens to join forces with the President-elect to help move Liberia forward in the spirit of oneness, peace and development.

Above all, we say thanks to God Almighty; for leadership comes from Him. As the Psalmist says, “He puts down one and lifts up another.” Likewise, the Prophet Daniel asserts, “He gives wisdom to the wise…” Hence, as Giver of wisdom, we shall continuously pray earnestly to Him (God) for divine wisdom, strength, energy and mental endurance for His servant (Deacon Boakai) to lead Liberia onto higher heights. This, by primarily fighting corruption, fraud, greed, waste and abuse with maintenance of peace in site.

In conclusion, we once again congratulate President-elect/Deacon Boakai for his hard-won and well-deserved victory; and thanks to President Weah for his patriotic concession.  Indeed, as the richest and wisest man ever, said in the Good Old Book, The Holy Bible, “He has made everything beautiful in its time” Ecclesiastes 3:11.

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