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Leaders’ plausible deniability continue to damage Liberia

Exactly 20 years ago on August 18,2003 Liberians decided to end its senseless and brutal civil unrest. During the dark days more than two hundred fifty thousand loss their lives. Yet many politicians refused to accept the gravity of their decisions and actions. They still think violent and embezzlement the ways to govern.

Make the runoff election about YOU not politicians. Elected and appointed officials will live on national resources and revenue while citizens struggle to survive.

The voters recently rejected fifty-one representatives and elven senators for their plausible deniability on October 10,2023. Although there has been rejection during elections. Whether at the general or bi elections; they have been rejected at the polls.

They enrich them out of the people decision. Politicians embraced Voilent to championed change. Criticized and condemned other before them. Their administration has surpassed bad governance they disapproved.

Liberians stop waiting on political actors to transform the country. You tried but no difference. At this point, choose a presidency for Viable and sustainable economy that will change your life and set the stage for continuation.

A strong private sector that ensures employability. Liberians have experienced untold suffered for their choices.Notwithstanding leaders take advantage of Voter’s ignorance.Leaders upon leaders have failed Liberia.Never have they owned their responsibility of citizens hurt.

No accountability and transparency in the system. The state is entrusted unto a few elected citizens to govern in the People’s interests. No difference or improvement. Regimes after regimes the same outcomes and/or worse results.

Emptied and unrealistic promises are made each elections season. They failed to deliver and never owned their failure, but shift blames. They are living on your ignorant mind to build empires for themselves.

Shareholders administrative decisions increasingly increased the population vulnerability to obtain quality living. Public goods and services are not available. Our less unfortunate members in society are abandoned.

The government has not been able to creating security and enforce the rules. It is complete mess. Eveeyone should buy their own CCTV, the president said.

Public services are very low and not available at many public entities. In some parts of country, services are not there. Many travel miles for services. In disappointment, they returned unfulfilled.

In most instances, there are no effectiveness in service deliverables. At some locations, there are staff but they can’t barely render service. No integrated system or updated document to confirm and verify service request.

The health care sector remains a serious death traps for most Liberians. If not all. Many health facilities do not have adequate or no supply. No equipment. No record. No health practitioners or understaffed.

Those who can afford live while the least of the least dies. They meet their untimely death for common and curable illnesses. Health centers lack capacities and support from national government. The worst-case scenario, people are very jobless and can’t afford the cost of medical treatments. No real functional public service.

On the other hand, those who can afford traveled within the subregion. Oh how unfair government can be. Sometimes to Asia, Europe or America for treatments. With these unconcerned attitudes and behaviors to build a strong and viable health system.

Most well-off citizens and seniors government officials see Ghana as Liberians health center outside Liberia for Liberians who can afford the bills. Most government officials. Those living on tax payers money. They don’t see anything wrong with the system until they are out. Oh, what a sad way to be a public official.

This is just a snapshot of the capital city and its environ scenarios. Think about the far to reach and leeward Counties.

It is unimaginable to note the huge struggles Liberians endured and experienced to access health care services. Many walk several hours in excruciating pain. Some died.

Oh yes two decades down, the economy continue to exist in total stagnation. Concessions are SIGNED and ENACTED for selfish seniors’ government officials.

Eventhough, these Concessions are worst off for the ordinary people. Besides been unfavorable. They don’t care.

Significant and sufficient financial benefits are gained by the chief executive and legislators. Those lucrative cash envelopes are their primary reasons for unchecked and disdain Concessions agreements.

The economy operates at the pity of foreign businessmen. They under the disguised as Liberians and protected by government officials. Liberia has standard but no implementation. Therefore, I don’t want us to believe that there is no quality laws and standards on the book. Standards are ensure by constituted authorities when citizens guaranteed justice and fair adjudication no matter who is involved. That is not Liberia. Auditors were allegedly killed for doing their jobs. There has been no justice for those auditors like many other Liberians before and after their demise.

Infrastructures have no upgrade. Taxes are meant for development, but not in Liberia. Sometimes one wonders if Liberia have leader with purpose to change the trajectories.

Counties are very inaccessible. Travelers spent several hours on a few hours journey. if not days on faraway trip internally.

The most accessible routes are Monrovia to Buchanan, Monrovia Gbarnga, Monrovia to Ganta and Monrovia to Tubmanburg then Monrovia to Robertsport. The rest is extremely inaccessible. Huge challenge for many Liberians.

When traveling out of Monrovia , suspend time consciousness and prepare to be vulnerable. You know departure but not arrival. Sometimes the most trusted vehicles are struck.

Travelers take several days from Monrovia/Buchanan to the far southeast region or Monrovia/Kakata to northwest or Central Liberia.

On the other hand, Monrovia/Duala to western part Liberia like Gbopolu takes more than five hours for two-hour drive.

Foreign affairs at its worst. Current Foreign Minister and Former head at Liberia permanent mission at the United Nations Dee-Maxwell Saah Kemayah, Sr was allegedly accused of sex misconduct against Wynee Cummings Wilson secretary. Many advocacy groups and civil society organizations called on president Weah to rescind his appointment. Those calls yield no results. It is unthinkable for Mr.

Kemayah, Sr to have been appointed and subsequently confirmed by the Liberian senate without investigation.

Liberia foreign relations and policy under threat. Now you know why trade and investment have not improved. The foreign minister is the president’s chief foreign affairs adviser. He carries out president foreign policies and foreign service.

The then former Director of Passport and Visa Mr. Andrew Wonplo and others were involved with passport fraud. The frequent acts undermined Liberians identify and travel document abroad. Diplomatic passports specifically. Think about ordinary passports.

Diaspora Liberians allegedly paid and can’t get passport in mail on estimated delivery date. Even if they went at one of Liberia’s consulates on appointment. Request not processed. Although they showed confirmation generated from the system. Officials there are unable to verify document. They have to book new schedule and rescheduled appointment(s).

Economy is not doing any better enough to support economic Revitalization and development. Taxes collected are misappropriated. The public benefits absolutely nothing. Security is fragile. The local currency have significantly been depreciated.

The Liberian dollar lost it values. Making the us dollar more acceptable and transactional for goods and services and payments to most local debts.

When leaders failed to take full responsibility and own their problems or mistakes the damage affects every sector. The evidence is visible. Voters have the opportunity to own the future by their vote. All power is inherent in the people. People see your vote as your life and your only hope for survival. Your are in battle with gangs of bears. Defeating the bears enables you to obliterate vampires standing in your prosperity.

Your gullibility has destroyed you many times without realizing your faults. Your complaints haven’t change anything. The more you complained the easier you made worst choices. Liberians, you have suffered bad leadership.

If politicians can’t accept their faults. Use your vote to compel them. Hope your vote restores dignity and uplift standards of living for the long term. Don’t be the fool always. You have the power to compel stakeholders and hold them to account.

By Jefferson G Togba, this Writer is based in Pennsylvania, the United States of America

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