‘Lawmaker Without Borders’ – Buu-Yao University Students Describes Rep Roger Domah

By Reuben Sei Waylaun |

Nimba County electoral district#7 Representative Roger Domah has again demonstrated his generosity and philanthropical style by going beyond his district in identifying with university students of Buu-Yao in Nimba electoral district#5.

Dubbed by many as ‘man of his words’, the Nimba electoral district#7 lawmaker who believes in the education of his people made the commitment of LRD50,000 to the students recently at an appreciation program organized by Representative Samuel Kogar of electoral district#5 where Buu-Yao is located.

Presenting the LRD50,000 check on behalf of his boss, the Chief of Office Staffs in the office of Representative Roger Domah, Francis Wanto said the initial contribution from his boss will enable the students to move on with their education.

“Honorable Domah believes in education and believes that every child must go to school and every family must be opportune to have educated people. You students shouldn’t hesitate at any point in time to call on Honorable Domah’s office. You are welcomed to district#7,” Wanto said.

For his part, the Representative of Buu-Yao electoral district#5, Samuel Kogar receiving the LRD50,000 check from the office of Representative Domah for onward submission to the students thanked the district#7 lawmaker for responding to the calls of the students.

He commended the students for what he calls ‘high degree of professionalism’ by organizing themselves as students of Buu-Yao at various universities and colleges by electing their president.

Representative Kogar urged the students of his district to be transparent and farsighted when it comes to the distribution of the funding to ensure that the needy or desirous students benefit from the funding.

“Yes, you laughing today after receiving the money, but the greater part is accountability. Your ability to be transparent within the student community as well as the citizenry of the district will be welcoming,” he said.

According to Kogar, the generosity from Representative Domah has shown the level of cooperation they have been desiring.

“For the fact that this honorable was invited into our district and subsequently upon his visitation he has done such tremendous contribution toward the student community, I am thankful to him, his district,” he said.

In response, the President of the Union of Buu-Yao University Students Association (UBUSA), Jimmy Wogbeh thanked Representative Domah for the timely response to their needs as students.

Recently, Representative Domah helped students at the United Methodist University (UMU) with US$1000.00. He also provided financial aid to 26 students from his district attending the Nimba County Community College (NCCC) 1300.00 as well as high 3480.00schools in his district amounting to a little over US$4000.00.

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