Kai Farley Reportedly Muddying The Waters For CDC’s 2023 Bid As “Real CDCians” Campaign

Kai Farley, Superintendent of Grand Gedeh County

On November 21, registered voters went to the polls in the Southeastern county of Grand Gedeh in a by-election that saw the ruling party’s candidate, Jeremiah Sokan losing miserably. Thanks to the dissatisfaction among members of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) over the poor showing of Superintendent Kai Farley.

A group of partisans of the ruling establishment under the banner: “Real CDCians” visibly campaigned against the candidacy of Mr. Sokan who was the ruling party’s choice because senior executives of the CDC has refused to adhere to their demand for the dismissal of Superintendent Farley giving the fact that his leadership in the county is adversely affecting the strength of the ruling party in a place deemed to be its political stronghold based passed elections results.

Pundits in the county have opined that it is high times that the people be appeased with the dismal of Superintendent Farley to “salvage hope of 2023 in the county.

Sampson Bossoe Williams, Chairman, Real CDC

When Sampson Bossoe Williams, a staunched CDCian began what is now popular in Zwedru as “Real CDCians” to campaign against CDC Representative hopeful, Jeremiah Sokan, the apparent call for the party to reconsolidate its efforts in the County fell on deaf ears.

Williams and his team are calling for the dismissal of Superintendent Kai Farley, and they used the “Real CDCian” campaign against Sokan’s election as a basis to signal the seriousness they attach to their demand.

They reject claims that prejudice and malice underpin their request for Superintendent Farley to be dismissed. But, instead, the Superintendent has been at the very core of division and corruption in the county. Specifically, Williams alleged that the superintendent rented the County’s earth moving equipment including yellow machines and truck to a private company in Sinoe County for his personal benefits. It is alleged that he is earning US$60,000 from the deal.

The Real CDCians also attributed the seemingly low turnout in the by-election to the Superintendent’s alleged intimidation of ordinary citizens in Grand Gedeh.

With the help of the Liberia National Police, Superintendent Farley who has a strong tie with the security apparatus in Grand Gedeh, given his past, has turned life in Zwedru into a grisly tale for his critics and the ordinary people.

Sampson Bossoe Williams used these reasons to turn passels of fans against the party in the November 2021 by-election, and he succeeded bigly.

He and his supporters are threatening to campaign against the Weah presidency in 2023 if Farley is not replaced.

“With the decline in the support of the CDC becoming lucid in every nook and cranny in Grand Gedeh, nothing should be more important to the party than to truncate any threat to its 2023 bid,” one pundit indicated.

To this end, commentators are saying a hint to the wise is quite sufficient.

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