Justice Minister Invites Ganta City Mayor Of His Assertion Over Rep. Yekeh Kolubah’s Safety

The Mayor of Ganta City, Nimba County has been invited by Justice Minister Frank Musa Dean to provide clarity on his assertion that he cannot guarantee the security and safety of Representative Yekeh Kolubah on his planned visit to Ganta. He’s to appear on May 10.

Representative Yekeh Kolubah, as an Advisor of the ‘Council of Patriot’, organizer of the planned June 7 demonstration, on Tuesday wrote the Justice Minister informing him of his (Kolubah) intent to travel the 15 counties of the country to “educate and create awareness so that this demonstration remains peaceful and non-violent as our mandate”.

However, according to reports, Mr. Amos Nyan Suah, Mayor of the City of Ganta on a local radio station in the City said “while it is true that everybody has the right to visit any part of the country at any time, my office cannot guarantee Kolubah’s stay in Ganta, because we are not informed of what he is coming to do here.”

Mayor Suah explained that Rep. Kolubah’s planned visit is intended to mobilize citizens to demonstrate against the government, therefore, he cannot give him protection for the time he would spend in Ganta.

Ministry of Justice, however, in its response to Rep. Kolubah’s letter confirmed that the Government is prepared to ensure his safety and right to freely move about under Article 13(a) of the Constitution.

At the same time, the Justice Ministry says it is disturbed by the assertions attributed to the Mayor of Ganta, especially so when he is in a capacity to defend the Constitution which grants every citizen freedom of movement.

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