Judiciary Employee Sets Himself Ablaze In Demand Of Three Years’ Salary Arrears

A staffer of the judiciary branch of government has set himself ablaze over authority refusal to settle his three years’ salary arrears.

According to report, Archie Ponpon set himself ablaze after receiving a court order to have him arrested for rioting and obstruction to judicial function.

Minutes after receiving and reading of the Writ of arrest, Archie Ponpon pulled out a one milometer water bottle fill with gasoline and challenge court officials from coming close to him before setting himself ablaze.

Ponpon is the leader of a group of concern judicial staffers who have demanded their salty payment over the last two weeks running.

Our judicial reporter says there was weeping of onlookers as Archie Ponpon was rush to the hospital on a motorbike by a passerby as authorities of the judiciary looks on.

Prior to today’s incident Mr. Ponpon had threatened to set himself at blaze if the Temple of justice failed to pay him salary and benefits owed him.

Due to his advocacy, Mr. Ponpon was suspended for time indefinite by Chief Justice Francis Kporkor for leading a protest during which the Chief Justice was jeered by angry staffers calling him criminal.

On Monday, Ponpon was threatened with a writ of arrest and warned to stay away from the courtyard of the Supreme Court.

Ponpon, had previously led other protests including his advocacy for the rights of same sex in Liberia.

He has been rushed to the John F. Kennedy (JFK) referral Hospital where he currently being treated for wounds he sustained from the fire burn.

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