Dean of elders, Jimmy Kamara speaking to reporters

Jikandor Citizens Blame Lawyer Benedict Sannoh of Stalling Development In Their Town

Boima Kamara, a resident of Jikandor Town, in Gola Konneh District, Grand Cape Mount County has expressed dismay over the alleged manner in which Cllr. Benedict Sannoh is handling the case between the citizens and Bea Mountain Mining Corporation.

Cllr. Benedict Sannoh is the Legal Counsel of the People of Jikandor.

“Every day they say we want consult the lawyer; we want consult the lawyer. And I think this lawyer issue is creating serious setbacks for us citizens of Jikandor” Kamara asserted.

He noted that Cllr. Sannoh is also delaying concrete agreements between citizens of Jikandor and Bea Mountain that could address their needs.

Boima Kamara made specific reference to a meeting intended to address some of the concerns that was held on 16th June 2023 between the Management of Bea Mountain and citizens of Jikandor.

“The first thing our people in Jikandor are their own problems, we will say that. The meeting that BMMC held with us the citizens, the company through its General Manager Reza Karimiyan assured Jikandor citizens of the followings: To build a water Tower, build fishpond, repair two hand pumps, rehabilitate our road, and promised to increase employment opportunities for Jikandor citizens. Again, our people insisted that they meet their Lawyer Cllr. Benedict Sarnoh first before having further discussion with Bea Mountain. Since that time, I asked one of my brothers these few days, I said but all the agreements the people talked about Jikandor why we can’t see nothing, what’s the hold on? Since they informed the lawyer, what the lawyer talk about it” Boima Kamara pondered.

He also expressed disappointment in the people of Jikandor for rejecting several employment opportunities provided them by Bea Mountain on ground that they consult their lawyer.

“The one that hurts me most was when BMMC offered jobs for citizens of Jikandor, they say no they put halt to it until they inform the lawyer. Lawyer has nothing to do with employment business because everyone living in Jikandor wants to work. That’s the reason why I asked that question, the second group of people from Jikandor that the company requested to give employment why you did not go back to the lawyer to inform him, then your sent two persons who are currently working with the company”.

For his part, the Dean Elder of Jikandor Jimmy Kamara, one of the beneficiaries of BMMC’s Elder Support Program is of the belief that Bea Mountain can not be blame for the underdevelopment of their community.

Elder Kamara continues: “The company is doing well for the people of Grand Cape Mount County. BMMC is spending a lot of money for citizens of its Host Communities, referencing the County Social Development Fund given to the County, the Clan Development Fund provided to three Clans in Gola Konneh District including; Mana, Darblo and Laar and the Elder Support Program among others”.

The Dean Elder of Jikandor says he blames the local authorities for not ensuring that fund given by the company benefit the vast majority of the citizenry.

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