It Is Scaring: As Liberia Health Authority Discloses The Escape Of 138 COVID-19 Patients

The Liberian health authority is calling on the general public to immediately report some COVID-19 patients who are said to be on the run, aimed at infecting others with the disease and fled their respective homes where they were been treated with the virus.

The Ministry of Health through the COVID-19 Incident Management System confirmed that there are increase in the number of COVID-19 cases, at an exponential rate with Montserrado accounting for the highest in progression since the first wave of COVID-19 infection in May 2020.

Liberia currently has one hundred, seventy-one (171) confirmed cases in its treatment unit of the 120,000 COVID-19 tests conducted.

Eighty-nine cases are under home based care.

According to Dr. Jerry Brown, Head of the Incident Management Team, denial is factor causing them to misout on the 138 persons who are currently on the run.

Dr. Brown said the country does not have oxygen capacity to attend to huge number of patients, hance the sooner the better.

“Our only means of getting to them is through contact. Most times they will give us their numbers when we called their phones are swift off. And we had not reach the point where we will put people name on the radio,” Dr. Brown said.

He mentioned that the current wave of the virus is greater than the first and second waves noting that there was never a time they had ten critical cases in a day as it is now.

Dr. Brown noted that people should not be afraid to go for testing as having COVID is nolonger a form a stgma on grounds that people all over the world are experiencing same.

He cautioned all to begin to again execute those COVID-19 safety measure previous outline by the Ministry of Health and National Public Health Institute of Liberia to keep save as well as help health authorities in getting these individuals who are on the run.

Similarly, Liberia Chief Medical Office, Francis Kate said noncompliance or adherence to protocols on home based care and weak corporation with case investigation and contact tracing team is resulting to the spike in the new wave of cases.

According to Dr. Kate this is critical because it has exceeded the trends of the first and second face.

He also pleaded with the public to get back to those preventive tips as means of protecting themselves and the country.

He said, “It has to do with one understanding themselves and calling for help in time.”

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