Israel & Hamas reach tentative, US-backed deal to pause hostilities & free hostages in Gaza

This could be the "first sustained pause in conflict in Gaza".

The Washington Post reported that Israel, Hamas and the United States of America have “agreed to a tentative deal that would free dozens of women and children held hostage in Gaza, in exchange for a five-day pause in fighting”.

This was detailed in a six-page agreement among Israel, the US and Hamas during talks in Doha, Qatar.

The agreement

The agreement stated that all parties to the conflict would stop combat operations for at least five days while “an initial 50 or more hostages are released in smaller batches every 24 hours”, according to The Washington Post.

This pause will also allow increased humanitarian aid to Gaza.

During this, The Washington Post said that there would be an “overhead surveillance” watching over movement on the ground.

The release of hostages is expected to start in the next few days. If it goes through, it will be the “first sustained pause in conflict in Gaza”.

It is however unclear how many hostages will be released under the deal. According to multiple news sites, Hamas abducted about 240 people during the terror attacks on Oct. 7, who were then held in Gaza.

Will the offensive stop fully?

AP reported that thousands of family members and supporters of the hostages held in Gaza marched into Jerusalem on Saturday (Nov. 18) pleading with the government to bring their loved ones home.

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