Investigation: Alleged Money Launderers Open Accounts At GT Bank With Huge Deposits

As investigative journalists continue their inquiry at one Liberia’s foreign owned banking institutions, the GT Bank on report that several individuals believed to be Money Launderers have opened accounts at that bank and are also linked to Money Laundering, the bank is yet to confirm or deny on this.

But latest report uncovered by our investigative journalists, names of those believed to be linked to this international crime and are allegedly operating fake companies in Liberia under guise of doing businesses as a cover-ups to carry out their activities have been discovered.

Our investigation further discovered that fake companies that are being operated by these individuals and names are unceremoniously changed without the knowledge of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry include: the Sierra Fishing Company Liberia Incorporated, The Sky Trading Company, Dolphin Trading Company Limited and Golden Fish Liberia Limited, these are some of the businesses being operated by some Lebanese and Sierra Leoneans.

According to the investigation, these companies are suspected of financing terrorists through their money laundering activities, our investigation further discovered that they have opened several accounts with GT Bank Liberia and another bank to be named later.

The owners of these businesses are individuals who were blacklisted and sanctioned by the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) of the United States Treasury Department which is clothed with the authority to enforces economic and trade sanctions for their alleged involvement in financing terrorism.

According to OFAC, available information to it shows that these businesses are owned and operated by some Lebanese and naturalized Sierra Leoneans who are engaged in similar businesses such as marine fishing, the importation of frozen food including fish, chicken and meat and other frozen products.

The GT Bank and another bank are said to be used as the banks in Liberia where accounts are said to have been opened by Mr. J.S. Mohamad as one of the major shareholders whit huge amounts deposited at these banks including GT Bank and another bank.

According to our investigation and documents in the possession of this news outlet, over 25 million United States Dollars has deposited at these banks through the establishment of fake companies.

Efforts to contact the banks concerned proved unsuccessful, as those in authority refused to address themselves to the issue.

More to follow in our subsequent posting, as our investigation continue.

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