LIBERIA: Indian Sent to Jail On Trafficking In Person, Theft of Service Charges

Flash Back: Man Handcuffed heading for prison

Monrovia City Court Magistrate Jomah Jallah has ordered the immediate incarceration of an Indian identified as Anil K. Karma following a writ of arrest issued against him by the Ministry of Justice for alleged trafficking in persons and theft of the services of his Indian compatriot.

The defendant was arrested on Wednesday, February 3, and brought before the Monrovia City Court.

The writ stated: “You are hereby commanded to arrest the living body of Anil K. Kama to be identified and forthwith bring him before the Monrovia City Magisterial Court to answer to the crimes based upon the oath and complaint of the Republic of Liberia, the Liberia National Police, and Ministry of Justice, plaintiff, in which it is substantially alleged that during the period of February 2020 the defendant induced and influenced the private prosecutor by the name of Karmal Sharma, who was in India, convincing him to come to Liberia for a job as pharmacy manager with monthly salary of US$550.00, including feeding allowances and accommodation, and that in the process the defendant provided the aforesaid private prosecutor a one-way fight ticket from India to Liberia, and that having arrived in Liberia and worked the defendant seized his passport with no pay given him and subjected him to domestic work and often abused him.”

The writ further said that the alleged act of the defendant being wicked, illegal and intentional, is in violation of the law on human trafficking and Section 15.52 of the new Penal Law of Liberia.

The defendant failed to file a criminal appearance bond, which prompted his incarceration.


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