In SEGAL, Dismissed Employees Legal Battle, Justice Wolokollie Cites 8th Judicial Circuit Court Judge

8th Judicial Circuit in Sanniquellie, Nimba County under His Honor Roland F. Dahn. Resident Circuit Judge along with the Clerk of Court displaying documents to journalists

In an effort to gather some details information regarding the hullaballoo between the Security Expert Guard Agency of Liberia or SEGAL, and some elements of its workforce in Nimba County, during the week a team of investigative journalists including your informative GNN-Liberia took up time to independently fine out what is currently happening.

The journalists’ quest to venture into the assigned operating area of SEGAL in the county is a result of its continues commitment to empower jobless Liberians in securing them with job opportunities in order to responsibly cater to their respective families, but instead the effort of SEGAL seems to be thwarted by some employees making the entity to unexpectedly encounter court proceedings.

The Court

During the daylong journalists’ investigation, the Judge at the center of this legal battle between the former employees of SEGAL (Their ex-employer) to find out what actually went wrong that landed SEGAL at the 8th Judicial Circuit in Sanniquellie, Nimba County under His Honor Roland F. Dahn. Resident Circuit Judge, based on the journalists’ enquiry, Judge Dahn took up time to explain the reason behind this legal battle between the company and its former employees.

Giving detailing of the case currently before him, the Judge in friendly interaction with the journalists displayed series of legal documents to the journalists outlining detail reason as to the genesis of the case, and further explained the pros and cons of how the entire legal battle started between SEGAL and its former employees.

The entry of AML as one of SEGAL on guard

The case in question involved former 353 aggrieved employees started 2017 when they complained to the court for ‘Unfair labor practice’, his ruling according to legal documents in te possession of journalists, His Honor Judge Dahn ruled that the management pay the purported employees the amount of 734, 131.80.00 USD, and further called for the seizure of SEGAL properties as well as the arrest of authorities of SEGAL

Giving reason for the ruling, Judge Dahn disclosed to journalists the alleged failure for SEGAL’s legal team to file his their appeal in ten days legally led to such decision, But this ruling according to journalists’ investigation did not go down well with the SEGAL management, noting that all meeting and hearings called by the  court was respectfully by their legal team.

But this ruling, according to journalists’ investigation did not go down well with the SEGAL management, a situation that gave rise for Justice in Chamber; Her Honor Justice Jamesetta H. Wolokollie to place a hold on the matter pending the appearance of Judge Dahn on Thursday, September 23, 2022 to detail his alleged ruling in the case involved SEGAL and its former employees.

As a result of all of these unhealthy situations, journalists also took up time to interact with the direct beneficiaries of SEGAL jobs creation, many of whom are female security officers were actively seen at their guard post as to their impression about what is happening between their employer and other dismissed employees,

In a sampling interview, these employees expressed disgust of hw things are taking place between some former employees and the SEGAL management, noting that they are unhappy of the situation, with one of the security guards stressing, “It is frustrating to see people causing problem here with a company that is helping to provide job opportunity to us”, one of the security who declined to be named speaking to journalists noted

Nearly all of the employees (Security officers) who spoke to the team of journalists in Yekepa, Nimba County expressed unhappiness of the ongoing legal battle between their employer and some former aggrieved employees, “Some of us are even confused with the manner and form in which the matter is been handled by the judge , but we cannot say it all”, some concerned employees who spoke to journalists I a rather frustrated state of mind said.

What pondered journalists about the number of employees been featured in the court documents in the possession of journalists is 353 aggrieved employees who are to be paid based on the judge ruling baffled the journalists’ investigation as other documents displayed showed 600 aggrieved employees instead, these difference figures seems create doubt as to actual facts surrounding the reported number of aggrieved employees.

From the investigation, SEGAL offered the  six trained officers to take assignments in other areas of their operations but they allegedly refused and insisted that they must work at AML something that led to the unresolved issues.

According to the document, most of the workers whose names were on the paper were dismissed for among other things theft of property, while others are ghost names including some current employees. SEGAL’s management alleged that the six dismissed employees were those behind the protest action at the AML.

Our investigation also shows that SEGAL is yet to resigned a contract with AML for about two years now.

SEGAL’s Boss, Momo Cyrus

According to information  gathered has shown that the SEGAL management is said to be in the preparatory stage of renewing the contract with AML in London and to take into considerations some of the plights of the people when the strike action occurred something that coerced the management team to returned to the Country to address the issues before continuing the agreement.

According to the Liberia Chamber of Commerce, SEGAL, is the only Liberian company with the largest Liberian workforce operating in thirteen of Liberia’s fifteen Counties with over three thousand five hundred employees.

The company is owned and operated by a Liberian Momo Cyrus and has been rendering professional security services for several years including implementing its corporate social responsibility to the population.

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