In Observing Of Int’l Justice Day, RWHR Describes Impunity In Liberia As ‘State Of Anomy And Insecurity’

Tola Thompson Adebayor

The Regional Watch for Human Rights (RWHR) based in Liberia has joined other local and international organizations to add its voice to the uncomfortable political and economic situation in the country, as RWHR joined the world over to observe the International Justice Day worldwide.

Addressing a news conference today, August 21, 2019 at the headquarters of the organization, Regional Director of the group, Tola Thompson Adebayor said his organization which clothe with reporting human rights situation and conflict trends in the sub-region is troubled and concerned by the wave of violence and insecurity in the country, noting “Impunity In Liberia as a State of Anomy and Insecurity”.

See full text of Mr. Adebayor delivered at the news conference:

As a correspondent member in solidarity with International Criminal Court (ICC),based in the Hague, Netherlands acting in conformity with our social responsibility and mandate, Regional Watch for Human Rights (formally Liberia Watch for Human Rights), whose mandate is “MONITORING AND REPORTING HUMAN RIGHTS SITUATIONS AND CONFLICT TRENDS IN THE SUB-REGION” is troubled

and concerned by the wave of violence and insecurity, specifically the continuous harassment, intimidation and violence carrying out by some gangs believed to be supporters of CDC led government against other opposition parties.

Marking the International Justice Day Worldwide (July 17th but belated), tagged Impunity in Liberia: State of Anomy and Insecurity, Regional Watch for Human Rights in its findings, discovered that the CDC led government, headed by President George Manneh Weah has been engaged in series of political asperities, characterized by intimidation, harassment and violence, as well as casting aspersion on other political opponents since its inception in 2018, the situation which has been the causative elements of unhealthy environment for economic growth and political stability, thereby continuing to create hardship on its citizenry but yet government remains complacent and insensitive to address those issues of concern.

In recent time and on different occasions, President George Weah government has come under sharp criticism and condemnations by the general public on series of human rights violations perpetrated by state actors and non- state actors (civil,political and economic rights),none of which has been redressed to the rationale end rather continue nurturing “State of Anomy and Insecurity”, such as killings,gangsterism, arsonism, vandalism, looting and mismanagement of public funds by government officials: lack of transparency, accountability and ineptitude of the government to end this culture of impunity can be attributed to parochiality of both national legislature and judiciary who have surrendered their functions to the whim and caprice of the executive, persistently violating the constitution without being checked by either of two branches.

Hitherto, the missing of 16 billion Liberian Dollars and 25 million United States Dollars saga have been thrown to the state of oblivion but remains fresh on the mind of international community and foreign investors that CDC led government lacks administrative acumen to run the state properly, while those who are critics of the government become victims of fear, intimidation, harassment,

self- censorship (Press), mysterious death and killings. Among others, another contributory factor to bad governance in CDC government is lack of communication control system where almost government officials and party members become spoke person for the government. In the same vein,President Weah himself engages in some public pugnacious statements and comments that have tendency of pushing his loyalists to act violently, especially during the by-elections campaign that always characterized by electoral violence of fighting,rioting,damaging of properties, as well as sustaining injuries on the citizens.


In order to walk on chalk line attaining good governance, justice, peace and democracy, as well as restoring confidence in public trust, international community and potential foreign investors, Regional Watch for Human Rights hereby forwards the following recommendation to the government of Liberia:

  1. That those whose names are mentioned in the Kroll report (16 billion LD and 25 million USD) should be fired and prosecuted as deterrent;
  2. All electoral violence since the inception of CDC led government should be investigated and perpetrators be brought to book;
  3. The recent beaten of deputy Inspector General of Police, 102 and violent attack on the Liberty party headquarters should not go with impunity;
  4. The recent brutality of a lady called Madam Justina Taylor who was beaten,manhandled and allegedly injected by unknown man should be prioritized for investigation;
  5. RWHR wants Liberia National Police to discharge their duty diligently void of being bias but rather maintain their neutrality,irrespective of party affiliation, tribe,religious or sex. The typical example of Madam Telia Urey who was attacked by the supporters of CDC-Abu Kamara leading to damage of her vehicle and attempted to kill her and her driver;
  6. In conclusion,RWHR urges the government of Liberia to sign the establishment of war and economic crime court to put an end to impunity in Liberia.

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