In Margibi County: Dr. Cassell Undertakes 650 Acres Of Agriculture Farmland

Sekou B Kamara

Dr. Daniel E. Cassell touring his farm in Margibi County

Recently the vision bearer of the opposition People’s Liberation Party (PLP), Dr. Daniel E. Cassell in his bid for the production of adequate food in the country on July 2, 2021, paid a visit to his 650 acres of farm land situated in Giamuesu Clan, Larkay-ta Township, district #4, Margibi County.

This farmland is in fulfillment of his earlier plan for agriculture and agro-processing programs, when announced will wholly be undertaking by Dr. Cassell.

While phase one will be involved construction of modern one storey office building, 13-bedrooms workers building, a 5-6 cars garage and an extra-large warehouse. This has been completed as the final touches including painting are being done.

According to information, phase two which started on July 4, 2021 will be focusing on the construction of a residential farm house, clearing of the farmland, and planting of crops such as: Cocoa, Plantains, Cassava, Sugarcane, Rice, Vegetables, Fruits, and other food kind.

While phase three will entail an agro-processing plants will be installed prior to harvest season and the workers will be trained on how to operate it, and thereafter harvest shall begin simultaneously with processing of the farm produce.  

Another scene from his tour

According to the political leader of the People’s Liberation Party (PLP), the benefits of the agriculture and agro-processing initiatives in Liberia is pertinent – because it will bring about job opportunities for Liberians, and help in the growth and development of the agricultural sector and the economy at large.

In relation to the fight against COVID-19, Dr. Cassell made mention of PLP Mobile Clinic – a health service that will be taken to the struggling families and individuals in disadvantaged communities

Late March 2021, Dr. Daniel E. Cassell was in South Africa together with some executive members of the People’s Liberation Party (PLP) to explore and establish bilateral and multilateral relations in the areas of transportation, agriculture among others plans.

Pursuant to the aforementioned, Dr. Cassell on April 28, 2021, unveiled and commissioned ten (72 seated) buses so as to alleviate transit service constraints that Liberians continue to endure.

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