In Ja’neh’s Impeachment Proceedings, Witness Contradicts Accusers

Prosecuting witnesses, 94-year old Annie Yancy Constance

One of the prosecuting witnesses, 94-year old Annie Yancy Constance who was recruited to testify against Justice Kabina Ja’neh has disappointedly told the court and prosecutors that she never went to court to testify against Justice Ja’neh, this latest testimony at the ongoing impeachment trial of Justice Ja’neh at the Liberian Senate has reportedly crippled the hopes of some members of the House of Representatives to corroborate their side of the evidence produced in the trial said the deed to her property was never kept in the house with them.

Witness Constance told the presiding and the investigation that she is the biological mother of J. Nyemah Constance, Jr., who is said to have sold the property in question to Justice Ja’neh. Explaining further, the 94-year old mother narrating said her son who sold the property was their biological child and after the death of their first son, her husband, Constance Snr., with her consent legitimized Constance Jr. at the age of 4 because he (Constance Snr.) was so happy that he had a child to survive.

Witness Constance said she had no prior knowledge to the sale of her property. Because she fled the country to see refuge outside of the country during the Liberian civil war and upon return, on December 4, 2018, security officers stormed her home and began throwing her things outside. She said when she inquired from them what was happening, they told me “One big government man sent us saying he bought this place from your son,” Madam Constance this statement pondered her to asked: “How can I be living then my son sell my property?”.

Witness Constance testifying further told the panel said, those who threw her things out, locked up the house and that was when her daughter-in-law (not named) decided to carry her to see Justice Ja’neh after she and the daughter-in-law made several attempts failed to gain a result or redress. She said she does not remember Associate Justice Ja’neh, because it was only one time she had the opportunity to see him.

She explained how her daughter-in-law took her to the Court to see Justice Ja’neh on the same property issue but he did not give them audience. She told the investigation that after several hours outside the courtroom with the expectation to see the Associate Justice in order to hear her story, but was not successful.

She said she had never went to court on the property issue with Justice Ja’neh, and the only time she had to talk to him on said matter was when she was taken at the court which did not materialize, “I never hired any lawyer to filed paper for me in court in court on this matter. Yes my son sold the property and my Representative Acarous Gray wanted to help me to pay Ja’neh back so I can get my property. I asked my son Acarous to do that and I am happy that he he was able to bring the matter before you people today,” as the witness burst into tears.

She also testified that not a single lawmaker had gone to her to ask her or discuss this matter with her regarding the property concerned, but blamed the buyer instead of her 40-year old son whom she said sold the property while she was still away in exile. She admitted that the deed in question bears th name of her late husband, and therefore does not know how it landed in the hands of Constance Jr., pointing out, “But when I returned, my heart did not go to any documents, because my son Constance Jr., was very sick and I did not leave him sick so by that time I was not thinking about document business,” Madam Constance explaining further said.

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