In Former Chief Justice’s Trial: Court Grants Defense Lawyer Motion To visit Crime Scene, Conduct Autopsy

By Comfort M. Johnson

(LINA) – The Criminal Court “A” has granted Defense Lawyers Bill of Information praying Court to grant them visitation on the crime scene and also to conduct an autopsy on the body of the deceased of Liberia Former Chief Justice Gloria Musu Scott and three of her relatives charged with murder, criminal conspiracy, making false statement to law enforcement Officials.

In Defense Bill of Information to Court, pray court to grant them a visitation on the crime scene so as to provide them information, they also pray Court to conduct an autopsy on the body on their own to give them information from a credible medical practitioner to examine the information that was being provided by the prosecution regarding the autopsy to the Court.

The Autopsy that was presented to Court by Prosecution Lawyers stated that the deceased was stabbed multiple times, but Defense lawyers objected to the report, thereby requesting court to visit the crime scene and conduct their own autopsy on the body, which was granted by the presiding judge Roosevelt Willie.

During the trial Prosecution prime witness in the case Zion Tarr contradict himself why testifying in the case, saying that I heard a noise in the house and decided to go and see what was going on there, I saw Gertrude Newton with a black bag going toward the gate, why the other people were in shouting and with the help of other community dwellers I managed to break the window with a cutlass to enable defendant Rebecca Youdeh Wisner and Alice Johnson to pass through.

He also stated that after the two people came out, I did not see any arm robbers he noted, but the cutlass was in my hand standing right at the window.

Following the trial prosecution lawyers fail to provide the murder knife use to stabbed the deceased to death, which created a doubt in the mind of defense lawyer the court and the public, there are no evidence right now, which promoted defense lawyers to filed a bill of information as to visit the crime scene and conduct their own autopsy on the body to prove their case.

Prosecution Lawyers admitted before Court and the jurors that they did not retrieve the murder weapon, so there is no murder weapon before court.

But Judge Willie granted the defense bill of information on the following condition, that defense lawyers be granted the permission to visit the crime scene but that will be done with a representative of the Prosecution, with a representative from the Court.

Another representative from the Liberia National Police, and if this court wants to be part of that visitation, it has the right to do so, let it also be noted that each of the parties will be responsible for their own representative to attend.

And also the Clerk of this Court is hereby ordered to write the Director of Police to provide an escort for the visitation by the parties, the clerk is also ordered to write the Court Administrator to accompany the parties and the Court says as soon as the parties are ready, they should informed the court but not after this week, meaning that the visitation can be done by latest Friday September 15, 2023.

Judge Willie further that the doctor to conduct the medical autopsy will be flown into the country, that doctor should meet all requirements as set forth into the Liberian Dental and Medical, that doctor should possessed certificates concerning autopsy from a recognized medical institution, and the doctor should also have all requirements as may be necessary to enable him conduct such autopsy.

The state is hereby ordered to reserve the body as long as that autopsy has not been conduct and this court has been information and decided that the body should be interment, noting that these requirement for the doctor to conduct such an autopsy should be submitted to this court through the Liberia Medical and Dental Clinic four to five days prior to conducting the autopsy to enable the court seek necessary advice from expert witness.

Former Chief Justice Gloria Musu Scotts, and three of her relatives are currently ongoing trial at the Criminal Court “A” following the death of Charloe Musu in February 2023 of this year.

The deceased Charloe Musu was murder in February of this year.

Meanwhile, the trial continued Wednesday, September 13, 2023

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