In Alexander Cummings’ Trial City Court Reserves Ruling, As Prosecutions Lawyers Prayed To Court

By Dyujay Jackson*

Head of Cummings Legal Team, Cllr Abraham Silleh

The Alternative National Congress political leader Alexander Cummings said on Monday, February 21, 2022 that the four Collaborating political parties signed May 19, 2020  framework document never existed since the establishment of the Collaboration.

The ANC political leader made the disclosure when he took the witness stand during Monday legal hearing into the alleged forgery, criminal conspiracy and Criminal facilitation case before the Monrovia City court Judge Jomah Jallah.

Our correspondent said following the ANC political leader statement that the sign framework document was never existed, the prosecutions lawyer headed by Solicitor General Syrinus Cepheus, prayed the court to declare Cummings as a holster.

Cllr. Cepheus, maintain that the actions by the Alternative National Congress political leader constitutes hostility to the proceedings under the law.

The Liberia solicitor General quoted article 25.6 as their best evidence of the law.

He challenge the defense lawyers to prove whether they as prosecutions team don’t have the right to mandate the defendant to produce evidence as a subpoena witness.

According to Cllr. Cephus, they as prosecutions lawyers have the right to mandate   Cummings to testify and produce evidence as subpoena under the law, adding that  the statement by Cummings that there  was no document signed is a complete misrepresentation.

The Liberian Chief prosecutor was curious about the document that was sign and filed to the national elections commission which hold the CPP together.

For his part the defense lawyers headed by Cllr Abraham Silleh, said Cummings is a subpoena witness as such he is not a general witness to testify in chief under Chapter 25 subchapter 25.19 and subsection (3).

“Chapter 25 subchapter 25.19 and subsection (3), states that a party made request the court his own witness to declare his holster if his testimony is contradicting.”

Cllr Abraham Silleh said  that the legal requirements to  declare once a holster witness has not been obtained in this instance case as such the prosecutions lawyers has no legal standing to declare the subpoena witness holster.

“the witness is not a general witness he was never subpoena by the prosecutions to testify in chief rather he was only subpoena to produce evidence which he admitted to that said document never existed.” Cllr. Sillah said.

He prayed the court to denial and dismissed the prosecutions motion to declare Cummings as a holster as the motion lacks all legal backing.

According to him , Cummings was not subpoena to prove the prosecution’s case, as such he has responded to the reason for which he was subpoena.

Meanwhile the Monrovia City court Judge Jomah Jallah has reserve ruling for Monday Wednesday 23 into the motion to declare the Alternative National Congress political leader Alexander Cummings a holster.

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