Iceland to support Liberia’s fisheries and aquaculture development

An international fisheries meeting in Liberia brought together Liberia’s fisheries partners including the EU, China, the fisheries committee for West and Central Gulf of Guinea, Korean, FAO, and USAID, among others

By Undercurrent News|

Iceland will help to develop the fisheries and aquaculture sector in the African state of Liberia, Front Page Africa Online reports.

Iceland will provide technical assistance for capacity building of the national fisheries and aquaculture staff, as well as ensure the improvement of smoking ovens. It will also provide support for the reduction of plastic pollution and technical training in water and sanitation across coastal communities.

Support from Iceland will add value to the local fishermen’s products, ensuring livelihood and creating job opportunities, according to a World Bank’s senior economist attending a recent international fisheries meeting over the weekend.

Liberia’s national fisheries and aquaculture authority general director, Emma Metieh-Glassco, stressed that the country’s fisheries sector has a lot of potential investment opportunities, asking private sector investors to maximize the chances, create more jobs and improve livelihood across coastal communities.

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