I-Help Liberia Medical Breaks Ground For Modern Cardiology & Heart Surgery Center

Hundreds of Liberians and other nationals were overwhelmed of the initiative been taken by the I-Help Liberia Medical to construct a modern Cardiology & Hearst Surgery Center in Liberia to publicly afford those with such situation to be taken care by the country’s professional cardiologists here in Liberia instead of seeking foreign treatment.

The ground breaking ceremony was done by Prof. Robert Kpoto, Preparatory of Medlink International Corporation and Honorable William Thompson, Assistant Minister for Energy, Ministry of Mines and Energy.

The I-Help Liberia Medical Group, wishes to extend its profound thanks and appreciation to the Liberian Mandingo Association of New York and the I-Help Liberia Project of the Hunter College High School in New York, for their endless supports towards strengthening the capacity of the I-Help Liberia Medical Group in supporting and buttressing the efforts of government in the fight against this deadly Coronavirus disease.

We are also happy that we cam identify with our fellow citizens and other residents of our country during  this period of fear and confusion.

We also want to reassure the general public of our organization continue efforts to make life more comfortable for them during this period as being manifested in our efforts to produce additional 3000 home-made face masks and at the same time continue the distributions of food items around the country.

Together we can defeat this our common enemy. Every contribution is important and staying home is the single most important contribution towards this quest to conquer our enemy.

It will have a capacity of 230 in-patients’ beds and the cost of construction is 7,324,459.00 millions

21 Individuals (health workers) and institutions receive awards for their services towards the health sectors under the caption “Health Sector Prestigious Awards” while other were recognized for their contributions towards the improvement of the medical society

During the official launch of the project which included a fundraising and honouring program at the Monrovia City Hall last week, several personalities and medical institutions were presented with the organization’s prestigious awards due to their professional services to the people of Liberia.

Addressing the audience at this colourful program, the Chief Executive Office and Founder of I-Help Liberia Medical Group, Inc., expressed thanks and appreciation to all of those who graciously made contributions towards construction of the center.

Some of the participants who witnessed the occasion expressed gratitude to the management team of the organization for its farsightedness, and prayed for God’s protection for the successful completion of the project.

The official grand breaking ceremony for the construction of the I-Help Liberia Cardiothoracic Surgery Center was held in Clay Ashland, Monsterrado County.

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