Hundreds Of Women In Maryland Demand Immediate Justice For Man Arrested Of Posting Nude Photos On Social Media

From E. Varney Kamah In Maryland County*

Women with placards demanding justice

Hundreds of women in Maryland County are demanding the Liberian government to immediately prosecute a man identified as Raymond PK Bardio, Jr., 26, who has been accused of spreading nude pictures of a young female Student of Tubman University on Social media.

According to our Maryland County Correspondent, the man in question has however been arrested and placed behind bars at the Harper central prison awaiting trial.

In demand of his immediate prosecution, early Thursday morning, January 28, 2021, dozens of women

Women gathered at the police station demanding the living body of the alleged perpetrator

stormed the Harper central police station demanding for the prosecution of the man who has publicly disgraced womanhood, and also calling for his immediate ‘Castration’.

As the angry women continue their quest, police in the County and other prominent women leaders swiftly move in to calm down the tension, as the women in their numbers peacefully marched to the Harper managerial court to witness the arraign of the alleged perpetrator before her honor, Magistrate Abigail Hoffman.

The alleged perpetrator being handled by Court officer

Following his preliminary by the Harper Managerial Court, Raymond PK Bardio Jr. was charged on multiple counts for allegedly sharing nude pictures of young female Student of Tubman University on Facebook.

Speaking in an interview with Alex Nelson the administrative Assistant at Tubman University College of Management and Administration said those in the constant habit of posting females nude pictures on Facebook should avoid doing such act or be prepared to face court action.

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