A border wall is pictured in the town of Marwahin, near the border with Israel, in southern Lebanon, on October 11, 2023. - Reuters

Hezbollah fighter killed, another wounded in Lebanese-Israeli confrontations

A Hezbollah fighter was killed and another was injured in Israeli bombardment on the Lebanese-Israeli border, said the Shiite military group on Saturday evening.

The statement noted in a statement that Hezbollah mourned its fighter, without providing more details.

Hezbollah also announced that its fighters fired guided missiles at an Israeli Hummer vehicle in the vicinity of Dovev in northern Israel, “killing and wounding its crew members.”

Sources from the Lebanese Internal Security Forces told Xinhua that the Israeli army bombed the outskirts of about 20 southern towns, causing severe damage to 15 homes and fires in forest areas and vineyards.

Meanwhile, Lebanese military sources told Xinhua that an Israeli drone fired a missile at a car in the center of the town of Hula in southeastern Lebanon, killing its driver and wounding another person.

Hezbollah retaliated by targeting four Israeli sites in the occupied Shebaa Farms and the Kfarchouba Hills with guided missiles and bombed three other areas with rockets and artillery shells, the sources added.

The escalation on the Lebanese-Israeli border began when Hezbollah fired multiple rockets on October 8 toward Israeli military sites in support of a Hamas surprise attack against Israel. In response, the Israeli forces fired heavy artillery on southeastern Lebanon on the same day.

Source: Xinhua   Editor: Wang Qingchu

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