Hans Williams Narrates Nightmare Which Compelled Him To Flee To The United States

By Our Staff

Mr. Hans Williams

GNN is once again ready to venture into the ceremonious departure of Mr. Hans Carpehart Williams (Former Deputy Managing Director for Administration at the  National Port Authority-NPA) and his lovely wife, Mardia P. Williams to the United States after their imprisonment by the Ellen Johnson Sirleaf-led government on allegation that both were allegedly involved to the murder their Niece, a 13-year-old little Angel Togbah who was on the 30th day of November, 2007 found hanging by rope in the bathroom of their Old Road, Sinkor residence, their trial rocked the nation, and gave birth to a number of protests by women and children groups.

As many wondered over their unceremonious departure from the country of Mr. & Mrs. Williams, GNN also took up time to contact the couple in the US to find out as to how did the couple leave the country amid tightened security situation that in place under the Ellen John Sirleaf-led government under the government security operatives.

This investigation which is party one of several, is aimed at helping to erase doubts of their whereabouts, and to explain the actual story on how did the Williams leave the country in the glaring eyes of ruthless security operatives whose utmost dreams was to reportedly seize their existence at all cost.

This opportunity for GNN to speak with Mr. Williams via whatsaApp from the United States gave indebt clarity of his current situation after leaving the country under reported serious security threats, and inform the Liberian people their current situation the United States, and their next plan of action after being humiliated by the Ellen-led government and Justice Minister Philip Z. Banks for crime they never committed that made the Supreme Court to exonerate them..

Williams, who is currently in exile in the United States of America, also served as  Director General of the National Civil Service Agency (CSA), during the former governments of late Transitional Chairman, of Gyude Bryant and former President Ellen-led government form 2006-2007, his numerous contributions to the growth and development of his home country begin to be a wasted years in his life as the government of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf reportedly did all to drag his reputation in a muddy field of Liberia.

Explaining his tribulation in the hands of government operatives under the command of the than Minister of Justice, Cllr. Philip Z.B. Banks, Mr. Williams said while he and wife were in detention at the Monrovia Central Prison, several unwanted guests; government operatives were constantly making their way to the prison allegedly under some dubious intents of getting him and his wife.

He told the GNN that due to the alleged game played by the power that be, he and his beloved wife were innocently canned amongst high core criminals at the country’s maximum prison center in Monrovia where both suffered for crime they did not commit for solid seven years with the seizure of their freedom, but with God been on their side they were acquitted .

“I was in prison for seven years without any charge from the police, the police went to court and testified in my favor for my innocence, my brother the whole thing was concocted by Mrs. Sirleaf and Philip Banks after the police Criminal Investigation Division (CID) under the command of Steve Zargo investigated that I was innocent with four American veteran police officers who were working with the United Nations found out that the girl committed suicide,” he told the GNN during an online interview with the our staff this week.

Narrating his relationship with the former Liberian leader (Ellen Johnson Sirleaf), Mr. Williams said, “ I had no problem with Ellen, I assisted Ellen in the elections, but my father came from the United States, when Ellen got to know that he was my father, she removed as Managing Director for Administration at the Freeport of Monrovia  without any reason,” he said.

On the issue of forgiven the former Liberian for what she allegedly did to him, Mr. Williams purred and said, “I will never revenge on Ellen, She is a devil, I am a Christian , and Ellen is a sinner and evil genius, I will just expose her to the world. I will do a book on this same issue”, in a rather serious tune, Williams added.

Watch out for our next report on how the Supreme Court exonerated the Williams of all the charges leveled against them.

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