GVL Liberia Palm Truck Kills Two, Man And Woman

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Lifeless bodies of Alex and Jackqueline at the point of the accidence.

Wedabo Geneken, Grand Kru – Topoe, a town connecting part of Barclayville, the County’s Capital and other parts of the County, turned into a scene of mourning June 8, 2022  presence of mutilated bodies of a man and a woman near a Truck for Indonesian Palm Company, Golden Veroleum, operating in many Towns of Grand Kru County. The main point of the accident was between a Wedabo town of Geneken and a town of trehn named Gblebo.

The death news was spread by a commercial motorcyclist returning from Maryland’s commercial city Pleebo . He later shared photos of the death persons through his smart phone.

The dead persons were later identified as Alexander Fertieh 26, and Jacqueline Sarplah 29.

According to eyewitnesses, the truck was excessively speeding and ran into a motor cycle rider and a female. The victims were returning from buying goods in Pleebo, Maryland. The lady identified as Jacqueline Sarplah was a petite trader living in Topoe, a town on the outskirt of Barclayville.

According to eyewitnesses, the Truck driver immediately fled the scene on fear of his being tragically attacked by friends of the dead persons to come at the accident point.

The late Jackqueline Sarplah and The late Alexander Worjloh Fertieh, Jr

Efforts to get the identity of the driver from GVL Wedabo office was fruitless. However, details of the Truck dispatched with FFBs (Fresh Fruit Bunch) from the Estate to the Mill revealed that the driver was hired as a Light Duty driver in 2014, and later transitioned to a Heavy Duty driver. Since the beginning of the Contract, the findings revealed further, he has been driving trucks for GVL for the past five years.

Revealed as Albert Toe Clarke, his first truck has been down due to an accident that occurred when he was transporting palms to Tarjewon Mill in Sinoe County. He had been without an assigned truck while he was waiting for his employer to do for major repair works on his main truck.

Based on his damaged truck, he has been alternatively using trucks for other drivers of the Company when they were out of the Company’s premises.

The Bike carrying Alexander and Jacqueline & the goods being transported on the Bike

Months later, Albert T. Clarke was later assigned a truck that was used to transport workers to and from work.

Because of the accident, Albert has run to his home in Pleebo, but has been recalled by Grand Kru police undergoing investigation in connection to the ghastly motor accident on June 7, 2022.

Wedabo hosts the biggest estates for GVL’s operations in Grand kru County.

Upon completion of the joint factory by both Golden Veroleum Liberia (GVL) and SIFCA, a company that operates both the Maryland Oil Palm Plantation(MOPP) and the Cavalla Rubber Corporation (CRC), GVL which is operating both in Sinoe and Grand Kru counties, has stopped the transportation of palms to her own mill in Tarjewon where the palms harvested in Sinoe are being processed. Palms harvested form all GVL farms in Grand Kru are now transported to the Golden SIFCA mill in Maryland county.

The death news of Alexander and Jacqueline sparked up mourning by their relatives and friends in Topoe, the two dead persons’ residential County—Grand Kru throughout Wednesday, the time the news reached their relatives and friends.

GVL management has not made any public comment regarding the accident.

Members of the Grand Kru County’s motorcyclist Union are threatening march on the headquarters of the Liberia National Police in Barclayville to demand of the living body of their late colleague Alexander Fertieh.

According to our sources from Topoe, Jacqueline had asked Alex to take her to Pleebo for her to buy her business things. They had been neighbors in the same Town.

The humanitarian gesture of Alex, transporting Jacqueling to and from Pleebo’s General Market, ended in death of the friends, which is causing emotional pains to each friend’s relatives and friends.

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