Gola Konneh Residents Want Gov’t Community Relations Manager Out Of Bea Mountain Mining Company

From Mack Rogers In Western Liberia |

Mr. Sando Wayne, the Government and Community Relations Manager assigned to Bea Mountain Mining Company

Dozens of Project Affected Residents of Kinjor Town, Gola Konneh District, Grand Cape Mount County are calling on Bea Mountain Mining Company to replace with immediate effect Mr. Sando Wayne, the Government and Community Relations Manager assigned to the Company.

According to Journalist Mack Rogers, the project affected residents in their petition allegedly accused the company’s Government and Community Relations Manager of masterminding all of the division in Kinjor Town.

They further alleged that since Mr. Wayne took over as Government and Community Relations Manager, he continues to plant seed of discourse, leaving them into disunity.

Stressing that if Mr. Wayne remain in the Company, their brothers and sisters will not get any employment with the mine.

They also alleged that at the end of every month elders of Kinjor town, use to receive a monthly compensation from the company management, but everything have come to a complete halt.

The affected residents also said the hydro brick, the hulling sand the operation of the kitchen, were all projects under their supervision but since the coming of Mr. Sando Wayne, all of these projects have been taken away from them.

They accused Mr. Wayne of inciting the Marvol Land Owner’s against them only because, he don’t want to see the Mineral Development Agenda been implemented fully by the concession company.

When journalist in the County made contact with the accused (Mr. Sando Wayne) he promised to address the allegation leveled against him by the residents soon.

Detail will follow in our subsequent posting.

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