Is Liberia Becoming A Gangsters’ Country?

Citizens and residents of Liberia are nowadays pondering over their safety in each day that passes by, amid the unnecessary formation of difference kinds of armed groups that are reportedly being trained in the country.

The unceremonious formation of armed groups in the country seems to be reminding Liberians and other residents in the country of the ugly passed; where citizens took to their heels to other countries seeking refuge and for the safety of their lives.

In recent times, several armed groups under the banner ‘Loyalists’ to their respective masters, including the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) led by President Weah where several reported illegal armed groups displaying their scaring tactics to the innocence.

Similar usual happenings is also being carryout by other opposition politicians who have organized their owned armed groups under the canopy for their protection; the displaying their militarisms in the public, a situation that creating fears in the ordinary.

The question many are asking is ‘Is Liberia Becoming A Gangsters’ Country?, this is question seems to flips the lips of many Liberians who are concern about the current situation in Liberia.

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