Germany: Eight people shot dead at two shisha bars

Forensic experts at the scene of the shooting (Photo credit: Sky News)

At least eight people have been killed after shootings at two shisha bars in Germany, police say.

At least five people have also been injured following the incidents in Hanau, east of Frankfurt.

Police say the shootings took place at around 10pm on Wednesday evening.

The alleged attacker fired shots in a shisha bar in the centre of Hanau, before going to a second bar in another part of the city, according to German newspaper Bild.

Authorities say a dark vehicle fled the Heumarkt area after at least one person was seriously injured there.

Shots were then fired in the Kurt-Schumacher-Platz area.

Witnesses reported hearing eight or nine shots and saw at least one person lying on the ground, a regional broadcaster said.

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