Gay elder beaten & burned by nursing home workers, now dead

By Daniel Villarreal

Ted Brown said his now-deceased civil partner of 50 years, Noel Glynn, received bruises and cigarette burns from homophobic workers while living in a London nursing home for nine months. Brown sued the local council that oversees the home, and the council offered a £30,000 ($38,266 U.S.) settlement to Brown two years ago, but he said he hasn’t received any of the promised money yet.

Glynn lived in the Albany Lodge Nursing Home in Croydon in South London from December 2018 to October 2019 while receiving care for dementia. Brown paid £1,400 ($1,787) a month for Glynn’s care. Brown said two LGBTQ+ residents advised them to stay closeted otherwise “that won’t be good for either of you.” Brown became alarmed several months later when he discovered that Glynn had tried to independently leave the nursing home four times.

“I don’t like it here, they beat me up,” Glynn told a social worker in January 2019, The Guardian reported. Glynn told Brown that he had been held down and punched, leaving him with bruises on his chest and wrists, My London News reported.

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