Friday’s Priceless Visit of Inspiring Nation Future Leaders

Friday, August 25, 2023, at 3:00PM became one of the greatest and best glowing and mind warming movements in my office.

The Friday’s visit at my Office by young kids to explore the University community and enrich their knowledge, lives and figure out what they’d want to do when the time comes to head to college, was one of my great movements and compliments in the office, and to interact with great and distinguished people.

The kids, some of Liberia’s finest future leaders in many spheres of disciplines, about 50 with the ages ranging between 8-14 in 4th-10th grades, were brought to my office by a local NGO YES Liberia. I was so pleased that these future leaders have chosen my office for their college engagement early on; coupled with sharing experience and taking in words of motivation and inspiration.

Indeed, in them, I saw President, Vice President, Minister, Senator, Chief Justice, Lawyer, Manager, Preacher, professor, diplomat, flight pilot, economist, engineer, etc.

The visit which shall forever live on my mind, is well cherished and means everything valuable to me of which I really appreciate the young kids.

Interestingly, the youngest was about 8-year-old and speaking on behalf of the delegation, he said his name was Abraham Gray and as Providence sanctions upon gracing their magnificent and historic tour. Abraham Gray is the name of my late father, so a personified father indeed visited his son…what a coincidence, joyously proclaims.

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