LIBERIA: Former Superintendent Says Electorates Are Not Prepared To Give People Retirement Jobs In 2020

From Wroinbee Tiah | GNN Correspondent | Grand Bassa County |

Former Superintendent of Grand Bassa County, Madam Julia Duncan Cassel addressing a news conference in Buchanan this week

The former Superintendent of Grand Bassa County has publicly disclosed that those who think they can be rewarded with their retirement jobs by the people of Grand Bassa County are missing the boat, noting, “We are not prepared to give people their retirement job come 2020 Midterm Senatorial election in December.”

Madam Julia Duncan Cassel addressing a news conference in Buchanan  this week further noted that people need to prove what they’ve done before they can get elected, “ This 2020, we are not going to give people their retirement job,” Madam Cassel emphasized.

She said while it is truth that she supports women in politics, she is not going to support any woman who served for many years but has nothing to show, stressing, “Let me be clear here, I am a member of the Unity Party that is also a part of the collaborating Parties but I am not going to support anyone wanting their retirement job”.

Commenting furthered, Madam Cassel also mentioned that this 2020 is a time for Grand Bassa County to move forward, the former superintendent who has been a strong supporter of Minister Milton Gbehzohngar Findley asserted that she’s not going to work in line with him if he has nothing to show that will convince her.

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