Former Finance Minister Drags To Court For ‘Theft Of Property’

By Dyujay Jackson

Mr. David Farhat, Former Finance Minister of Liberia, Mr. David Farhat was on Wednesday March 23,2022 arrested and dragged to court upon orders of Judge Jomah Jallah of the Monrovia City Court. .

According to GNN Judiciary reporter assigned at the Temple of Justice, the arrest of the former Finance Minister was arrested based on a complaint filed by the private prosecutor Emmanuel Sorsor and Margret Waiwor for the alleged crime of Theft of property, criminal mischief menacing, Harassment and disorderly conduct.

Judge Jomah in his writ issued Wednesday states, “You are hereby commanded to arrest the living bodies of David Farhat to be identified defendant and forthwith bring him before the Monrovia City magisterial court to answer to the charges of theft of property, criminal mischief menacing Harassment and disorderly conduct.

The writ further revealed that on the 7th and 26th days of February 2022, the former Finance Minister and former governor of the CBL with wicked and criminal intent when in the private prosecutor property with violence broke and damage several items.

Items damage  include 150.000 pes movie jacket, five PCs Samsung and IG phone protector (500 OCS) 1000 PCs DVD movies, five PCs DVD mass production machines, 2,000 PCs movie poster and the rooted roofs of the building.

All of the damages are in the sum of US$ 46.74.00 .

The complaint further inform court that the defendant in the same process stole , took and carried away also several items to include five television, 2000 PCs  phone protector 900 PCs DVD movies five ( 50 production machines, five cartons DVD decks eight bags of assorted clothes others are four pairs of slippers , eleven pairs sneakers , one 42 inch flat screen television among others.

According to the writ the alleged act of the defendants is unlawful, illegal, wicked, criminal and intentional and is in violation of section 15.5 and 14.25 of the new penal law of Liberia.

Meanwhile the crime been a billable one the former Finance Minister David Farhat has been released to his lawyers on a valid criminal appearance bond filed.

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