Following Brutality Against A Pregnant Woman, Kayteah Associate Magistrate Ordered To Pay LD31,435 To Victim

From Emmanuel S. Koffa | GNN Correspondent | Grand Kru County |

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The Associate Magistrate of the Kayteah Magisterial Court in Grand Kru County is appealing for mercy for alleged flogging of a pregnant woman a month ago.

According to GNN Correspondent in the County, E. Suku Nah made the plead following a summary proceeding last Thursday, September 10, 2020 during a ruling at the 12th Judicial Circuit court, the resident Judge Peter W. Gbeneweleh ordered the respondent magistrate to pay the amount of LD$13,435.00 as expenses incurred by the petitioner as a medical bill.

According to the summary proceeding record, the amount of LD$18,000.00 will be paid as transportation cost of the petitioner [Evelyn Nimely] and her husband from the date of the complaint up to the date of the hearing and determination of the complaint.

Judge Gbeneweleh also ordered the petitioner [Evelyn Nimely] to seek further medical attention at a recognized Hospital in Grand Kru County or outside the county and that the respondent magistrate [E. Suku Nah] share pay the medical bill of the petitioner [Evelyn Nimely].

Meanwhile, the Judge noted that, this is the first offense of the respondent magistrate [E. Suku Nah] since his appointment in 2005, nearly 15 years ago that he is serving as a magistrate.

The Judge however maintained that, the court will not forgive the magistrate for any recurrence or any act that has the tendency to ridicule the Judiciary Branch of government.

Court Representations:

The state is represented by the Ministry of Justice, to be specific the Department of prosecution to include all Cllrs. And Attys. Of said Department, and present in court is Atty. George K.A. Dayrell, Assigned court Attorney for Grand Kru County, who says he is in court and ready to proceed with the hearing of his matter. And submits.

The Defendant Magistrate is represented by the office of the public Defenders to include all Cllrs. And Attorneys at law of said office. Present in court along with the defendant is Atty. Joseph H. Constance, Jr. to be joined by Atty. Alphonso B.C Bah. Counsel says he is ready to proceed with the hearing of this matter. And submits.

The court: The legal Representations of the parties are hereby noted. Counsel for prosecution may now proceed. And so ordered.

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