Female Police Officer Who Was Allegedly Raped By Senior Office Threatens Suicide, If Justice Not Served

Liberia National Police Boss, Patrick Sudu

A Patrol lady of the Liberia National Police (LNP), Lydia Gargar Flomo who alleged that she was raped by the LNP Regional Commander of Montserrado County, Joshua During in his office on November 25, 2021 has threatened to kill herself for allegedly being denied justice by the LNP.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with the GNN via mobile phone today, February 7, 2022, officer Flomo in a rather frustrated mood, said authority of the police has reportedly failed to serve her justice since the case was reported to the Police Professional Standard Division nothing has reportedly been done to serve her justice.

She disclosed that since the incident took place in the office of officer During where she was molested and forcibly raped, and was reported to the authority of the police, noting has happened to serve her justice, noting that the individual in question brag daily that nothing will come out of whatsoever allegation against him.

Officer Flomo who has been in the employ of the Liberia National Police for over 10 years, said it is disheartened for the delay in bringing to justice officer During who has allegedly committed the act of rape on her, stressing, “I rather kill myself, since the police has deliberately refuse to give me justice”, she told GNN during the interview.

Speaking further to the GNN via mobile phone, Officer Flomo said, “One thing I want you to understand is this case was transferred from professional standard to women and children, the women and children playing with this case now, that women and children telling me that there is no sufficient evidence to send this case to court”, she narrated to our reporter

“How in this world can a man harassed a woman sexually and rape her, and people are saying all kinds of things; how in this world can this happen? Look at the rape law, and look at what this man did to me, he did it to me, why should I lie, my request here is I want justice, I want  them to tell me how did it  happen, how? are they telling me all those that are in cell today, is that how they did the investigation, or because this man is a commissioner of police and he’s a tie to the director of police, and live opposite of the police director, so what are  they trying to do to me, are they in cohoo,, because I was sent to do medical and I did the medical, I want the international community to come on my rescue, the UN, the human rights local and international NGOs to look into this case, because my life is insecure and  threatened, along with my family lives”, she told GNN

However, when the spokesperson of the Liberia National Police, Moses Carter was contacted by OK FM today, February 7, 2022, he confirmed, but said the report is still on the desk of the Inspector General, Col. Patrick Sudue, but did not go further.

Our investigation continue.

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