Fearful: As Ex-Rebel Generals Are Reportedly Being Recruited

Flash Back: Liberian rebels

Latest information gathered from a very reliable source has indicated that dozens of ex-rebel generals who actively took part in Liberia’s fifteen years bloody civil war are reportedly being recruited under the guise of forming an NGO.

According to Liberia’s popular morning talk show, The Costa Show, the Minister of State for Presidential Affairs, Mr. Nathaniel McGill is alleged to be providing funding to many of the ex-generals, many of whom were considered as dangerous men in the Liberian civil war.

All efforts to contact Minister McGill via  his mobile phone to find out from him of his alleged  involvement in this report proved unsuccessful, the recording that was aired on the Costa Show heard some of the alleged recruiters calling the name ‘Minister McGill’ during the alleged disbursement of unspecified cash to those who turned out.

Fear has already gripped many Liberians as to what is happening, with this latest disclosure that former generals are forming NGO, “This news is not health at all, something is in the making,” a Liberian, Sara Toe in a chat with our reporter said in a fearful tune.

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