James Nott.

FBI arrests James Nott with 40 human skulls! They are my dead friends

The FBI managed to arrest James Nott

James Nott.

The FBI have made an unusual arrest in the United States of America as a man was detained with 40 human skulls. He is allegedly part of a corpse trafficking ring.

The arrest took place in the southern state of Kentucky, and James Nott said that he has kept the skulls as they belong to his ‘dead friends’.

This has only worried people in that country, as violence and cases of this kind keep appearing in the news on a recurring basis.

This case has caused commotion on social media, as people surfing the internet do not understand how Nott came to do this.

How did Nott get and keep the skulls?

According to information provided by the Kentucky authorities, Nott lived next to the skulls, as well as other human remains.

This was to sell them illegally, as the black market of this type is one of the most recurrent, as well as always moving a lot of money when it comes to organs or remains of people who have died.

In fact, FBI agents have linked the detainee to the trafficking of corpses for a network that includes the manager of the Harvard Medical School morgue.

“They’re just my dead friends,” were the words Nott used to communicate with the FBI in Kentucky when he was arrested, trying to find a solution to his case.

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